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Converts PCX format graphics to TIFF format.
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Converts PCX format graphics to TIFF format.
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Contents of the PCXTIF.DOC file

ZSoft's PCX to TIF File Conversion Utility

PCXTIF is a stand-alone utility program that converts PCX files into TIFF
files. It supports numerous video formats - B & W, 16 color, grayscale,
etc. The TIFF files created by the program are as simple as possible, so
that they may be read by as many TIFF reading applications as possible.

The TIFF files created by PCXTIF are intended to be compatible with the
major desktop publishing programs, primarily PC Pagemaker and Ventura
Publisher. They do not contain color mapping (palette setting) tags, and
they are always uncompressed.

The program must be run from the standard DOS prompt (usually "C:>"),
it is not available inside Paintbrush.

The command line format to run the program is:

PCXTIF infile outfile


pcxtif house.pcx house.tif

The PCX files supported by the program are:

all B & W modes: EGA 640x350, VGA 640x480, Hercules, CGA 640x200
"full page displays", etc.
4 color non-planar modes: CGA 320x200 4 color.
4 color planar modes: EGA 640x350 4 color.
16 color 4 plane modes: EGA, VGA, Vega, etc.
16 level grayscale modes: primarily 640x480 VGA.
256 color modes: VGA 320x200 256 colors, most "extended VGA" modes
such as STB VGA Extra EM/512 640x480 256 color.
256 level grayscale modes: VGA 320x200, most "extended VGA" modes.

Note that the resolutions listed above refer to the size of the screen,
not the size of the picture file. The PCX files can be of any arbitrary
size, and are usually much larger than the screen.

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