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To provide a facility for artists and others to express themselves in Kalidoscopic figures. KALED will allow you to create, edit, run, and store figures.
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To provide a facility for artists and others to express themselves in Kalidoscopic figures. KALED will allow you to create, edit, run, and store figures.
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Contents of the KALED.DOC file

Heart - Soft

KALED (KALidoscopic EDitor)
Version 1.1

(c) Copyright 1985 By Lynn R. Lively
All Rights Reserved.

Purpose: To provide a facility for artists and others to express
themselves in Kalidoscopic figures. KALED will allow you to
create, edit, run, and store figures (for later). This program
is fun!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
! !!!!!!!!!!!!! !
! This program EATS time! I suggest that you run it only when !
! you have nothing pressing to do. I have been known to play !
! with it for several hours at a stretch. It is very hard to !
! get up for work at 7 AM when you've been playing until 3. !
! !
This program is distributed on a user supported basis. If you like KALED
and find it to be of value, please send a $20 contribution to:
Box 910
Los Angeles, CA 90041

Source is available by sending $50 to: Lynn R. Lively
3718 Las Palmas
Houston, TX 77027
(If you send me a Photostat of your contribution reciept you can have it
for $20)
Send and sugestions/comments to the above address or call DG-HAUS BBS
at 681-9629 between 6PM - 8am.

Jesus said "Give to every one who begs from you" (Luke 6.30). There are
millions of people in this world that are hungry. They have no money to
pay for food. They are dependent on the good will of others just to live
(and many don't!). There is enough food produced in the world to feed
EVERYONE, but many will starve. It seems incongruous to me that this
situation continues to exist. I'm begging you to help. God will bless
you for it.

Heart-Soft is more of a concept than a company. My desire is to make it
easy for you to justify helping someone else. I hope the concept will
catch on. If you feel as I do let me know.

KALED Operating Instructions

KALED can be run in two modes edit and demo. Edit mode allows you to
draw, edit, and run a figure. Demo mode allows you to run a script of
figures to create a graphics show (This could be useful for a computer

Edit mode commands:

You can move the cursor around the screen by using the numeric keypad.

----------------------- Home = Up Left
| Home | ^ | PgUp | ^ = Up
| | | | | PgUp = Up Right
|---------------------| < = Left
| | | | > = Right
| <- | | -> | End = Down Left
|---------------------| v = Down
| | | | | PgDn = Down Right
| End | v | PgDn |

You control the plot mode using "+", "-", and " "
+ = Draw mode on
- = Erase mode on
= Just move

When you draw the color you lay down will change if you trace over a
line you've already drawn. If you're in palette 0 the line will be
green the first time you lay a line down. If you cross or trace over
the line again it will turn red, and going over it again will turn it
yellow. The fourth time will cause the line to be erased because it
will be drawn with the background color. This is one of the reasons
KALED generates such spectacular patterns. As you draw KALED keeps
track of your strokes. When You run a figure KALED will duplicate
you strokes over and over very quickly starting where you left the
cursor. The key to creating interesting figures is in what you do
with your strokes (not how many strokes you make) and where you leave
the cursor. Try some experiments and see. You will find that a 1 pixel
difference in two figures can make a world of difference in the kind of
patterns you get.

To edit the figure you have several powerful commands.
C = Clear the screen. This clears the screen and repositions the
cursor in the middle, but leves the figure definition alone.
D = Display the figure. This displays the current figure definition
and allows you to add new strokes.
E = Erases the current definition. The screen gets cleared, the
cursor is repositioned to the center, and the definition is
U = Undoes a stroke. This allows you to backup. Ech time you type
"U" the figure will be redisplayed minus the last stroke.
R = Run a figure. This is where you get to see the fruits of your
Labor. The figure will run until you type a key (Any key). You
will then be back in edit mode, but the cursor stays where it
is (this is incase you just want to change the palette or
background colors and continue). Typing "R" again continues
the pattern where you left off.

You can change the color scheme by using "B" and "P".
B = Change the Background color. This increments the background
through the 16 possible background colors.
P = Change the palette. This toggles between palette 0 and 1.

You can store and load figures with "S" and "L".
S = Store a figure. This will display all the files in the current
working directory with a .FIG extension. If you specify an
already existing filename the new figure will overlay the old.
Background and palette settings are stored with the figure.
L = Load a figure file. This erases the current definition loads
the new figure and displays the figure. All files in the
current working directory with a .FIG extension will be

Some other useful commands are "H" and "Q".
H = Displays a help screen where all the commands are displayed.
Q = Quit to MS-DOS. Yup you guessed it!

I hope you will enjoy KALED and create many beautiful patterns. To help
you get started I have supplied several example figures. These are by no
means all there are! Not every figure is a saver but almost all of them
have some beautiful moments.

e are by no
means all there are! Not every figure is a saver but almost all of them
have some beau

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