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Print color and B&W .PCX and .GIF graphics files on Epson or IBM printer.
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Print color and B&W .PCX and .GIF graphics files on Epson or IBM printer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AHEAD480.CFG 50 40 deflated
BRUN41.EXE 76912 53256 deflated
C&T800.CFG 66 54 deflated
EGAWONDR.CFG 59 48 deflated
EVGA480.CFG 56 47 deflated
EVGA800.CFG 55 41 deflated
GENOA480.CFG 51 41 deflated
GIFDOT.CFG 73 61 deflated
GIFDOT.DOC 28737 10483 deflated
GIFDOT.EXE 56737 27229 deflated
GIFDOT20.DES 4241 1885 deflated
PARADISE.CFG 73 61 deflated
README.1ST 4241 1885 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 4106 886 deflated
TECMR800.CFG 60 47 deflated
TRIDENT.CFG 64 54 deflated
TSENG800.CFG 73 63 deflated
VGACAP.COM 1414 1031 deflated
VGAFIX.COM 269 246 deflated
VGAWONDR.CFG 59 47 deflated
VIDEO7.CFG 61 50 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

GIFDOT v2.0 (c) 1988-89 Lawrence & Marvin Gozum, MD


README 1ST this document
GIFDOT EXE main program
BRUN41 EXE required QB runtime module
GIFDOT DOC user manual
REGISTER DOC registration form
VGACAP COM TSR 256-color screen capture for MCGA/VGA 320x200x256 and
SVGA (640x480x256 or 800x600x256)
VGAFIX COM TSR for Orchid Designer VGA (load before using VGACAP)
AHEAD480 CFG 640x480x16 Ahead EGA
C&T800 CFG 800x600x16 Chips & Technologies based cards
EGAWONDR CFG 800x560x16 ATI EGA Wonder,Platinum,Tatung,...
EVGA480 CFG 640x480x16 Everex
EVGA800 CFG 800x600x16 Everex
GENOA480 CFG 640x480x16 Genoa
GIFDOT CFG 800x600x16 default (see TSENG800.CFG)
PARADISE CFG 800x600x16 AST,Compaq,Paradise,old Dell,...
TECMR800 CFG 800x600x16 Tecmar
TRIDENT CFG 800x600x16 Logix,Maxon,...
TSENG800 CFG 800x600x16 Genoa,Orchid,Sigma,STB,Willow,...
VGAWONDR CFG 800x600x16 ATI VGA Wonder (and clones)
VIDEO7 CFG 800x600x16 Vega,Video7 (FW,VRAM),new Dell, ...

GIFDOT converts any of the following listed below to a dithered
(modified, error-distributed Floyd-Steinberg matrix with "Stucki-like"
values) Black & White image and prints it to most Epson and IBM compatible
dot matrix printers (or laser printers with Epson FX-80 emulation).

1) ANY colored GIF picture (2KBx2KBx256);
2) ANY 256-color PCX (version 5) picture (to 2KBx2KBx256);
3) ANY VIEWABLE VGA/MCGA 320x200x256 picture captured with VGACAP;
4) ANY VIEWABLE SVGA 640x480x256 or 800x600x256 picture captured and
converted to TEMP files used by VGACAD (v1.6 and up);
5) ANY 16-color picture converted to any size with EGA2VGA;
6) ANY 256-color picture converted to any size with SQZGIF;
7) Colorized/converted MacPaint (READMACs) with MAC2GIF.

NO VIDEO CARD IS NECESSARY. For interactive image processing, GIFDOT
supports CGA (640x200), Herc (720x348), EGA (640x350), MCGA/VGA (640x480),
EEGA or SVGA (to 800x600). You can adjust the brightness and contrast levels
through Grey Scale Skewing, Histogram Contrast Stretching and several
Histogram-equalization algorithms (NEW!) - without a graphics card. You can
directly integrate output in your desktop publishing documents since
GIFDOT supports variable "tabbing" of printed output (with Tiny setting, up
to 8 images can be placed on an 8"x11" document.

GIFDOT (v2.0 and up) supports virtual screens for SVGA pictures up to
2KBx2KBx256 (EMM support will follow shortly)! All the detail in SVGA
pictures will be accurately reproduced in your dithered images (e.g.,
fine text along with the continuous grey image). By using the VDISK
path you can redirect the creation of virtual screen in RAM (i.e., RAM
disk) for FAST processing or another drive for dual floppy users.

Update 2.0 * Full utililization of SVGA images (to 2KBx2KBx256)
* PCX v5.0 support (to 2KBx2KBx256)
* Histogram-equalization; new image processing function
for global grey pixel redistribution

- Flat (linear)
- Sine (Pseudo-Gaussian)
- BiModal (Dual, Overlapping Sine Curves)
- TriModal (Triple, Overlapping Sine Curves)
- Lite Skew (linear w/ positive skew)
- Dark Skew (linear w/ negative skew)

* New error-distributed algorithm using modified Floyd-
Steinberg matrix with "Stucki" values
* User-definable dither density
* User-definable EEGA/SVGA video modes
* Enhanced Brightness and Contrast-Stretching algorithm;
precise grey scale adjustment; reorganized around
Histogram Analysis for better feedback and analysis
* Extended grey scale parsing algorithm - 256 greys mapped
instead of 64 for enhanced detail
* Fast 256-color palette read/write algorithm
* Bugfix: Selection of files with "**MORE**" corrected

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