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PC-Draft-Cad v3.06g - full featured vector based CAD package. Disk 1 of 3.

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PC-Draft-CAD 3.06g Full CAD system!!!
Full featured vector based CAD with many
features found only in expensive commercial
programs. Prints on dot-matrix, Laser &
plotters. Uses EMS,XMS, and virtual memory.
Symbol Libraries. Fonts. Unlimited Layers.
Area calculation. Spline curves. Macros.
CGA, EGA, VGA, Herc. ASP Shareware, $65

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PC-Draft-Cad v3.06g – full featured vector based CAD package. Disk 1 of 3.
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Contents of the VENDOR.DOC file

This file provides information for shareware disk vendors (anyone who sells
shareware disks for a profit) on the distribution of PC-Draft-CAD.

******** Not for profit user groups and BBS's may distribute PC-Draft-CAD
* NOTE * without explicit permission. If you wish to have updates sent to
******** you automatically, please send your address.

PC-Draft-CAD is copyright 1993 by Natural Software, 19 South Fifth Street,
St. Charles, IL 60174, (708) 377-7320, Compuserve ID: 70047,744.


Our sending this disk to you and the letter that accompanies it constitutes
the approval of Natural Software for your distribution of PC-Draft-CAD as
part of your shareware library. If you have obtained this from another
source, (not directly from Natural Software), please write or call for
our explicit permission.

We further ask that you send us a copy of your standard written
materials (catalogs or flyers) which clearly explain the shareware
concept, the need for users to register products they use, and the
fact that the price of your disks is a copying fee only and does not
constitute payment for the product. The material must also differentiate
between shareware and public domain software.

You may distribute the disk as is. That is, with the three self-extracting
LHARC files together. Or, if you wish, you may extract the files and
distribute them on two disks, or use another compression format such as ZIP
format. You MUST distribute all the files together.


If you are not already a member, we strongly recommend that you consider
becoming an Approved Vendor of the Association of Shareware Professionals
(ASP). For more information on the ASP vendor program, contact the ASP at:

Association of Shareware Professionals
Vendor Certification Committee
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

The ASP vendor program reduces the workload for both authors and vendors,
and helps give customers confidence that reasonable standards are met in
the distribution of shareware products.


You may use the following description of PC-Draft-CAD in your catalog.
(You may edit and use some, all, or none... )

**Short BBS description: (32 chars)

Commercial quality 2-D CAD (ASP)

**Long description:

PC-Draft-CAD provides features found only in more expensive CAD
systems including automatic dimensions, unlimited layers, multiple
fonts, object libraries, and dot-matrix printer support. It uses the
high resolution modes of EGA, VGA, Super VGA and Hercules displays.
"Virtual Memory" automatically uses extended or expanded memory or
disk space as necessary for drawing sizes up to 32 megabytes.

PC-Draft-CAD's intuitive user interface gives users a choice of pop up
menus or single keystroke commands. This along with complete mouse
support and context sensitive help, make learning easy while being
unobtrusive to expert users.

PC-Draft-CAD is most useful for producing exact scale drawings with
HPGL compatible plotters and dot-matrix or laser printers. PC-Draft-
CAD's vector based drawings may be directly incorporated into
WordPerfect version 5.x or other Desk Top Publishing applications that
read WPG, HPGL, or GEM Draw format.

The registered version comes with utilities to convert WordPerfect WPG
and AutoCAD DXF files for editing with PC-Draft-CAD.

PC-draft's functions include circles, ellipses, lines, boxes, curves
and arcs with varying line widths and line styles. You can create named
objects stored in libraries for use in multiple drawings. You can use
Named objects as fill patterns.

PC-Draft supports unlimited layers, multiple font styles. Text can be
rotated at any angle. Objects can be rotated, stretched, shrunk, mirrored,
cloned and scaled.

Other drawing aids let you: save and restore multiple views of the
drawing; pan and zoom; complete "undo" and "redo" delete or restore
drawing elements; display drawing grids at any spacing, with optional
"grid-lock" (Snap). You can record graphic keyboard macros for later
playback. Also, drawing elements (such as lines and boxes) may be
joined or split.

PC-Draft-CAD's object libraries containing architectural or electrical
symbols can be cut and pasted into your drawings, modified and saved.

Registered user price (full libraries, illustrated manual) $65.00

System Requirements for PC-Draft-CAD

IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 and "true compatible" microcomputers with 256k,
MS-DOS versions 3.0 or later (LHA requires DOS 3). CGA, EGA, VGA or
Hercules Graphics Display adapter. Supported printers: IBM and Epson
dot-matrix, 24pin dot-matrix, HP LaserJet+, IIP, III, and HP DeskJet
and plotters compatible with the HPGL plotter language. Mouse is sup-
ported but not required. XMS and EMS is supported but not required.
Math co-processor is used if installed but not required.

New for this version (3.06):

Better support for 24 pin dot-matrix printers and large size plotters.

New configuration files for plotters -- sets any page size and pen width.

Area calculation - simply move the cursor to mark off areas to add to
a running total in square feet or square meters.

New units choices for Decimal Feet or Decimal Inches -- used in

New "search for object" command -- more easily establish "current" object.

New "set extents" command.

Extended macro language now supports interactive macros that can open
windows and display messages and pause for user input. Perfect for creating
tutorials and application specific add-ins.


New Spline Curve command draws smooth curves precisely through up to 64
adjustable points.

New default color schemes (press Alt+R) and new "scupltured look" for menu


New object cost report (on the print menu) prints a report totaling costs
based on the named objects in your drawing.

See the READ.ME1 file for further details.

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