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Data files for the DKB Raytracer. These files are just text files containing the image description - good examples so that you can make your own.
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Data files for the DKB Raytracer. These files are just text files containing the image description – good examples so that you can make your own.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AGATEST.DAT 1207 420 deflated
ALPHATS2.DAT 1475 482 deflated
ALPHATST.DAT 1780 466 deflated
BLUEMARB.DAT 682 256 deflated
BOZOFLOO.DAT 714 271 deflated
BOZOTEST.DAT 1105 441 deflated
BUMPTEST.DAT 1185 481 deflated
CHKTEST.DAT 1152 456 deflated
CUBE.DAT 1451 416 deflated
CYLTEST.DAT 868 427 deflated
DENTTEST.DAT 1199 480 deflated
DESERTMI.DAT 1552 605 deflated
DISH.DAT 1658 563 deflated
DKBTITLE.IFF 6530 1807 deflated
GRADTST1.DAT 1485 563 deflated
GRADTST2.DAT 1391 550 deflated
GRANITES.DAT 1186 486 deflated
IMAGETST.DAT 1319 413 deflated
IMGBALL.DAT 1524 527 deflated
LENSES.DAT 3421 992 deflated
LOOKATTE.DAT 1055 295 deflated
MARBLETE.DAT 997 331 deflated
OCEANTEM.DAT 2691 543 deflated
PARABOLO.DAT 763 276 deflated
PCBOARD.IFF 62690 16928 deflated
PENDULUM.DAT 972 350 deflated
PHONGTST.DAT 1241 527 deflated
PILLARS.DAT 2121 670 deflated
PLANETST.DAT 730 258 deflated
RAIN.DAT 3079 853 deflated
READ.ME 2890 1217 deflated
ROMAN.DAT 6474 1411 deflated
ROSE.GIF 47935 47574 deflated
ROSETEST.DAT 1042 408 deflated
SIMPLE1.DAT 857 341 deflated
SIMPLE2.DAT 1750 402 deflated
SIMPLE3.DAT 833 351 deflated
SKYTEST.DAT 1720 455 deflated
SLANTBOX.DAT 69847 3797 deflated
SLANTBOX.SCE 9104 2403 deflated
SMOOTHTS.DAT 622 285 deflated
SPECTEST.DAT 1082 453 deflated
SPOTTEST.DAT 1155 472 deflated
SUNSET.DAT 2198 661 deflated
TILES.DAT 4020 515 deflated
TRANSFOR.DAT 1606 339 deflated
TRIANTST.DAT 1215 332 deflated
TWODICE4.DAT 6216 994 deflated
WATERBAL.DAT 1967 726 deflated
WATERBOW.DAT 2339 581 deflated
WAVETEST.DAT 970 458 deflated
WINDOW.DAT 3119 816 deflated
WRINKLED.DAT 1181 494 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


This ray tracer was written by David K. Buck and is released as freely
distributable software. The author retains all copyrights but permits
free distribution of the software through any medium. The software may
be used without charge so long as the code is not included in any
commercial product.

The Amiga archive here contains two versions of the raytracer:

traceffp - Fast Floating Point version of the raytracer.
This version will run on any Amiga with sufficient

trace881 - Math coprocessor version. This version will only
run on 68020 or 68030 based systems that have a
68881 or 68882 math coprocessor.

I usually like having a fairly large stack for this program. If it
crashes on you, try inceasing the stack size.

The IBM version archive also contains two versions of the raytracer:

dkbno87.exe - Emulated Floating Point version of the raytracer.
This version will run on any IBM P.C. or Compatible
machine, as it is compiled for 8088 opcodes.

dkb.exe - Math coprocessor and 80186 or better ('286, '386, etc.)
optimized version of the raytracer. Requires a 80x87 NPE.

The stack size in this version is fixed at 32K which should be sufficient.
If you run into a scene which is too complex to trace with 640K of memory,
QuarterDeck's QRAM or VIDRAM are programs which will extend DOS memory to
704K/740K using either EMM or Video RAM memory, respectively. There are
also Public Domain programs (such as 740K.COM/SYS (?)) that will accomplish
the same thing. The raytracer will use up to all available DOS memory,
but no EMM or XMS support is present at this time.

The program documentation can be found in the file DKB.DOC and the
documentation for some Amiga specific utilities may be found in

This program is being distributed in four separate packages: Executables for dkb.exe and dkbno87.exe
documentation files
Sculpt2DKB, Dump2RAW, GlueTGA, HalfTGA executables Many sample data files Source code for DKBTrace, Amiga utilities, and
IBM Utilities. Sample pictures produced by the raytracer.
(You could render these yourself using the
data files in the archive).

There is a document in the archive which describes the
conversions required to use data files for DKBTrace version 1.2 with
the new 2.0 version. This file is called 12to20.doc

This readme file is in all three archives.

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