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Simple, yet interesting, paint utility. EGA only.
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Simple, yet interesting, paint utility. EGA only.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Version 3.004 KID PAINT - released August 1989

This file contains information required to unarchive KID
PAINT, how to run KID PAINT and discusses all the special
features of KID PAINT. Please read this entire file first!
((Come on, its not long, and it might save you some time!))

========> UNPACKING KID PAINT <==========

KID PAINT has been placed on this disk in an
archived form in order to save space and to keep the files
together. To retrieve all the KID PAINT files, follow these

With a 2-floppy system:

1) Put KIDPAINT distribution disk in A:
Put a blank disk formatted disk in B:

2) At the A> prompt, issue the command: PKUNZIP -X KPAINT1 B:

3) Repeat step 1 with fresh disk, type: PKUNZIP -X KPAINT2 B:

With a hard disk system, put KIDPAINT in A: then:

1) Prepare a subdirectory for the data C> MD\KIDPAINT

2) Go to that new subdirectory C> CD\KIDPAINT

3) Issue the command C> A:PKUNZIP -X A:KPAINT? C:

Once you have recovered the files you should have:
KP.EXE = This is the KID PAINT program
KP2.DAT thru KP14.DAT = Data files used by KID PAINT to generate
the pictures, songs, animation, etc.

NOTE: KP1.DAT and KP4.DAT is missing!!! ( This is ok, who said we)
( could count anyway. )

If you're using a floppy disk system, the disks should be arranged in
the following manner:

++++++++++ +++++++++++
KP2.DAT and KP3.DAT KP8.DAT thru KP14.DAT
The floppies should come out this way if you correctly followed the
un-arcing procedure listed above. If a file is missing, KID PAINT,
will have serious trouble.

==========> KID PAINT's LIMITATIONS <===============

+ REMEMBER !!! KID PAINT is for EGA machines only! +

Look we're deeply sorry that KID PAINT will not run on CGA machines.
But, there was simply no way to get the resolution, dither the colors,
and produce the type of animation in KID PAINT using CGA. In fact,
some early types of EGA will also have problems because you need
EGA with 256K video memory. Some early versions of EGA came with
smaller memories and are limited to certain EGA modes. If your graphics
card will not support 640 x 350 x 2 page EGA, KID PAINT will produce
some interesting results!!

===========> RUNNING KID PAINT <==============

To run KID PAINT on floppies, just insert DISK 1 into the active drive
and type KP at the prompt. If you are using a hard drive, simply go
to the subdirectory that contains all KID PAINT files on it and type
KP at the prompt.

If the hardware is compatible, KID PAINT will display the Compass
Systems sign-on message and KID PAINT logo before going into the
actual coloring book routine. Typing any key during the sign on
message will shorten the sign on message.

KID PAINT will then want to know what you want to use as an input
device. However primitive, this procedure must be done each time
you execute KID PAINT. Select your favorite weapon, then wait
until the SELECT A PICTURE screen pops up.

From early comments on KID PAINT, the wait time between screens is
something everyone complains about. The wait time is tied to the
screen resolution, and we've already explained why a HiRes EGA
mode was selected. To those who still are not happy, Compass Systems
suggests they run right out and buy a 25Mhz 386 machine. That might
speed things up. For everyone else, please be patient.

The SELECT A PICTURE screen allows you to preview what page you want.
Highlight the one you want, then hit your action key and away you go.

The selected screen will come up. The two action buttons, certain
keyboard function keys and (if the keyboard is selected as the input
device) the arrow keys, home, end, pgup, pgdn are active. They
do the following:

Action button 1 (space bar) = Color the segment
Action button 2 (return) = Select different color
F1 function key = Brings up HELP
F5 function key = Turns sound on/off
F6 function key = Blanks out the cursor
F9 function key = Get a new Picture
F10 function key = Leave KID PAINT
Arrow keys = Move the cursor
Home key = Move cursor upper left
End key = Move cursor lower left
PgUp = Move cursor upper right
PgDn = Move cursor lower right

NOTE: Arrow keys, Home, End, PgUp and PgDn only work if keyboard is
selected as the input device.

Move the cursor around and color the picture. At random intervals,
KID PAINT will either play a song or perform a bit of animation.

Neither this version or the registered version of KID PAINT allows
you to save a picture However, KID PAINT, should not interfere
with TSRs that perform this task. Compass Systems has not tried
to print any KID PAINT screens out using PIZZAZZ or similar
programs, and would love to hear about anyone who was successful.
In fact, we would love to see some of YOUR kid's creations!! If
you send us a picture, we'll send you some more pictures (as they
become available).

==========> REGISTERING KID PAINT <===========

From our experience, about 99% of the users will NOT register. That's
OK, we didn't write KID PAINT with the intention of becoming rich, our
kids and their future was what really started it all. And if your kids
get something out of KID PAINT too, that's great! However, if
your kids are like ours - they'll want more. And (you guessed it) we'll
be glad to supply more - for a price! The bottom line is we want to
produce more programs like KID PAINT, but the cost is extremely
high. So please register, otherwise we'll go back to something more
profitable like selling shoes!!

To register: Print the order form in ORDER.DOC and send it in with
the proper information and check payable to COMPASS SYSTEMS. To register
the program you have in hand, remit just $4.50. If you want more
KID PAINT screens, remit an addition $17.50 (for floppies) to purchase
the KID PAINT version 4.0. If you don't have a printer, to print the
order form, just pen up your own order form. Heck, we're easy.

Registering KID PAINT version 3.004 does NOT buy you the additional screens!
To get more KID PAINT screens you need to purchase a "six-pack" program
such as KID PAINT version 4.0 shown at the end of this program. Register-
ing WILL get you the ShareWare version of WHAT-IS-IT, when it is released.
( Compass Systems ShareWare is functionally identical to the registered
versions. The only difference is the number and/or type of play screens).

Registering KID PAINT will put you on our mailing list. You will receive
"WHAT-IS-IT". It's something like the old TV game Concentration. It
will also be for EGA machines only. We know this is like cutting our
own throat because half the computer world will not be able to use it.
But, the graphics!! In our mind, anything less than EGA isn't worth
the iron on a floppy.

We hope you'll like KID PAINT. If you have any comments, or improve-
ment hints, please drop us a line. That address again is:

P.O. Box 84
Hatboro, Pa 19040

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