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Graphics display demo. Paints a Club Med type picture of paradise.
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Graphics display demo. Paints a Club Med type picture of paradise.
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Contents of the PARADISE.DOC file

Written by Raphael Salgado and Fred Feldman November 27, 1988
The R. Salgado Crew and Elite Software

Requires: IBM PC or PC compatible (6+ MHz not required, but recommended)
Enhanced Graphics Adapter with 128k or more. 8087/80287/80387
math coprocessor is not required, but can accelerate program

Description: A self-running animation program which displays a day or
night in tropical paradise...Club Med, if you will.

Format: PARADISE [/S][/Cxx]

/S can be added to SKIP title screen and enter the program
automatically. Nice for demos, presentations, etc.
/C can be added to CHANGE the speed of the sun and moon for the
day and night phases. "xx" is the number of seconds to pause
between motions. Any count from 0 to 30 is accepted.

The EGA graphics files must be located on the current drive and
path in order for the program to execute.

Keyboard Options (NOTE:the program can run on its own, with the sun/moon
---------------- motions, day/night sequences, and flying fish actions.)


show flying fish the asterisk ("*"). Otherwise, it will appear
move the sun/moon the plus key ("+"). Otherwise, the sun/moon moves
by default or requested intervals.
pause the program SPACEBAR. Repressing same key only will continue.
toggle day/night ENTER key.
exit to credits ESCAPE key. From there, you may exit to DOS.

Have fun, enjoy your paradise, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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