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Gif file analyses program. Provides info on a Gif's format.
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Gif file analyses program. Provides info on a Gif’s format.
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Contents of the GIFANLY.DOC file

GIFANLY - GIF File Analysis Program
Release 1.0
February 2, 1989

Function : provides a synopsis of the control information found in a GIF
(Graphics Interchange File) to provide a developer to analyize
GIF formatted images use as an input to his or her programs.

Usage : GIFANLY is activated by typing the program name (GIFANLY) and
pressing the ENTER key. The main screen will then prompt for
the GIF file's file name. A fully qualified path name must be
provided with the exception of the file extension "GIF" which
is assumed.

Restrictions and Limitations : This program is written for IBM/PCs and
compatables. It presently produces its reporting function
to the screen and assume a video mode of 80 columns color (CGA).
No capability is given in this release for direct hard copy of
the report. This program presently will only process one GIF
file at a time. Multiple files have to be handled individually.

Considerations : this program does not edit for valid values - it simply
tells you what it finds. This may be useful when trying to
correct for damaged or corrupted files.

Technical Background : GIFANLY is written in Microsoft Quick C, release
1.0. And was developed under DOS 3.1. GIF interpretation were
done as described by CompuServe documentation.

This program is the first of a set of basic tools I am developing to allow
for the detailed examination and manipulation of the contents of GIF files.
Although this version is very rudimentary, it should be of some utility to
others working in this area of computer graphics. You can direct feedback,
suggestions, ideas about need utility functions to me on CompuServe via my
id (76337,3136) or via the mail function on either EXEC PC or PC EXPRESS in
Milwaukee. There is no charge for this program. If you do use it for
commercial purposes - just drop a note to me on one of the Bulletin Boards
indicated above to let me know about it. I don't like being surprised by
my own code when working on client's equipment (particularly under someone
else's company logo). No warrenties, express or implied, are made for the
functionality of this program.

Thomas Jerger
Milwaukee, WI

GIF and Graphics Interface Format are trademarks of CompuServe Incorporated.
CompuServe is a trademark of CompuServe (not too Surprising).
IBM is a trademark of IBM. Microsoft and QuickC are trademarks of Microsoft.

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