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PS-CAT = New PrintShop Picture Viewer.
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PS-CAT = New PrintShop Picture Viewer.
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Contents of the PS-CAT.DOC file

New Print Shop Graphics utility

Author: A.R. Wright.

Release: 30.01.91

The Software is designed to run on colour EGA/VGA monitors.
It enables New Print Shop users to sort, move, delete & rename
graphic images.

PS-CAT.EXE should be copied into the directory containing your
New Print Shop graphics files.

PS-CAT [flag(s)] [filename]

/S turn sound off.

NOTE: If no file name is given PS-CAT will be loaded.


PS-CAT.EXE - Main Program.
PS-CAT.DOC - User manual (this file).
PS-CAT.PNM - New Print Shop format file.
PS-CAT.POG - New Print Shop format file.


Layout/Testing Mr. R.J. Edmonds.

This software was written in Turbo C++ Professional (v1.00).

New Print Shop is copyright Pixellite Software Inc.

Turbo C is a registered trademark of Borland International, Inc.


Future Developments.

Support for Print Shop and Print Master files.

Full graphic editor.

Catalogue type printout of images.

User configuration / option file.

Export of graphics to PCX format.

Programs to look out for from ARW:

REACTION - Chain Reaction, 8x8 grid game.
PATIENCE - Patience card game.
NETCONF - NETwork CONferencing utility.
EASE - Ease Ascii Screen Editor.
EASESHOW - Display utility for EASE screens.

Technical Support.

If you have any questions or comments about this software
please contact:

Mail: A.R. Wright.
48 Mayfair Avenue,
Kent. DA16 4TW



This software is released as ShareWare. If you find this
software useful, a registration of 10 (pounds) would be
appreciated. Upon registration you will receive a full
working version with many functions not available in this

Please state the current version number of the software
you are presently using. Send check or money order to the
address above.

You are free to copy and distribute this software for

ALL files including this one are distributed.

NO fee is charged for use, copying or distribution.

It is not modified in ANY way.

Site licenses and commercial licenses for this software
are available. Contact me as above for more information.

This software has been fully tested before distribution,
however in no event shall any liability fall upon the
developers of these software, for any special, incidental,
consequential, indirect or similar damages due to loss of
data or any other reason, even if the developers has been
advised of the possibility of such damages. The person
using the software bears all risk as to the quality and
performance of the software.

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