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Convert .MAC files to an executible file.
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Convert .MAC files to an executible file.
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Contents of the FMAC2COM.DOC file

Hello FMAC users.
FMAC2COM is a little Q&D program to replace the header of a READMAC
picture with the screen drivers from FMAC. The pictures have a 640
byte header which does not seem to have any purpose. FMAC2COM replaces
that 640 bytes with a small program whcih can display the picture on
the screen.
You use FMAC2COM by entering:
FMAC2COM picturename
where picturename is the complete name of you picture including the
disk, path and extension (the disk and path are not needed if the
picture is in the current directory). The name must be less then 64
bytes. FMAC2COM will create a new file called picturename.COM
replacing the .MAC or .PIC with the .COM extension.
The picture can still be seen with READMAC, FMAC and
FMACPLUS, but it can be used standalone by entering the name of the
The cursor controls and the PGUP and PGDN keys still move
through the picture. The buffer is not cleaned out due to the
fact that I had so little room to work with in the 640 byte header,
so there may be a little garbage at the bottom of the picture.
I did add a print routine for the Canon BJ80 which is an inexpensive
high quality ink jet printer. If you are looking for silence and
speed I urge you to check out a BJ80. The BJ80 is compatible with
the IBM graphics printers so this routine should work on most of
the printers out there. The print routine is started by pressing
a lower case "p". Any key pressed before the print routine is
complete will cause the routine to abort.
Have fun. If you have any comments or want to pick up a
copy of the latest version of FMACPLUS, try calling:
PC-ROCKLAND BBS (914) 353-2176

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