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Julia Set demo for 320x200 256-color mode, Version 1.3a by Mark Smiley. Demo of graphics routines for F-PC.
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Julia Set demo for 320×200 256-color mode, Version 1.3a by Mark Smiley. Demo of graphics routines for F-PC.
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Contents of the 256JDEMO.DOC file

Documentation for 256JDEMO.EXE

This is program shows a sample of the output from my JULIAM program.
To run this demo, you must have a VGA card that supports the 320x200
256-color mode.
Note: the .IMG files included here must either be in the current
directory or in the path for the program to run.
The .IMG files included with this demo were created with JULIAM.
JULIAM is a program which draws Julia and Mandelbrot sets in CGA,
EGA, or VGA modes, including the 800x600 VEGA VGA 16-color mode. JULIAM
is menu-driven and allows you to use a number of algorithms for drawing
Julia and Mandelbrot sets. With JULIAM, you may save files, recall
files for further work, zoom in on the set in question by moving a
rectangle, move a cross-hair around the Mandelbrot set to choose a point
for drawing a Julia set, plot in black and white (black-on-white, or
white-on-black), or in color. These are only some of the myriad
features of JULIAM. If you are interested in Julia and Mandelbrot sets,
then this is the program for you.
If you would like a copy of JULIAM, complete with a manual, send
$20.00 to me at the address below.

Address comments to:

Dr. Mark Smiley
Department of Mathematics/CS
Goucher College
Towson, MD 21204

(301)-337-6285 (W)

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