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VGRAF is a Targa/FLI viewer for Mach32 boards.
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VGRAF is a Targa/FLI viewer for Mach32 boards.
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Contents of the VGRAF.TXT file

VGRAF Graphic File Viewer VERSION 1.04
Copyright (c) 1992 ATI Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Keyboard Commands:
F1 = Help (this screen)
F2 = Choose specific viewing mode
F3 = Change directory
ESC = Exit to DOS
Enter = View selected graphic file (highlighted)

VGRAF is used to view graphic files on the ATI mach8 and mach32
based video adapters. TARGA (tm) and Autodesk Animator FLI and FLC
formats are supported.

TARGA files in 8, 16 and 24 bit formats can be viewed. This program
exploits deep color modes on the mach32. The TARGA files may be
Color-Mapped, True Color, uncompressed or RLE compressed. When viewing
files on the mach8, only an 8-bit display mode is available.

The optimal display resolution and best pixel depth is automatically
selected upon requesting a file be viewed using the Enter key. To
explicitly set a viewing mode, press the F2 key to call up the mode
selection menu. Make a choice from this menu, and then press the Enter
key to view the file at the specified resolution. After the image is
displayed (a beep occurs when this is completed), these keyboard
functions are active:

Up = Pan up
Down = Pan down
Left = Pan left
Right = Pan right
PgDn = Pan 1/3 screen down
PgUp = Pan 1/3 screen up
Ctrl+Left = Pan 1/3 screen to left
Ctrl+Right = Pan 1/3 screen to right
Esc = Return to file selecton menu

Image panning is available only when the selected image resolution is
larger than the viewing mode resolution.

Autodesk Animator FLI or FLC files may also be viewed. The animation
is run in 640x480 mode, with the image centered on the screen if it is
smaller. The animation selected repeats automatically. While a FLI or
FLC file is being viewed, the following keyboard functions are active:

+ = Increases the frame rate if the Frame speed control
(F9) is toggled on
- = Slows the frame rate if the Frame speed control (F9)
is toggled on
F8 = Resets the frame rate value altered by the + and - keys
F9 = Frame speed control (toggles on and off); when toggled
on (the default), the frame speed delay value is used;
when toggled off, this value is ignored
F10 = Single frame step mode (toggles on and off) - the SPACE
bar advances the frame when this mode is on
Esc = Return to file selection menu

Press the Esc key to return to the file menu selection.

For command line options, type "VGRAF help" at the DOS prompt.

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