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Displays wierd designs on CGA, Mono,EGA.
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Displays wierd designs on CGA, Mono,EGA.
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Contents of the DREAM.DOC file

by Al Chisholm

Dream is a bit of video sculpture.
It is not 'spectacular' or 'exciting'.
Rather, it is intended to relax, sooth
and perhaps entertain. Friends have
described it in such terms as beautiful,
symphonic and sometimes addictive. Judge
it as you will...


It will run on CGA, EGA or VGA and
uses the full resolution of whatever
device is present. Typing DREAM with no
command line will produce a brief set of
instructions. Basically there are two
parameters; 'n' determines the number of
line segments generated (note that every
other segment is black so '2' appears to
produce a single line) and 'mode' is
color, black and white or nul (reverts
to lo-res CGA mode). The effect of
different parameters on the display is
best determined by experiment.

If you have an EGA or VGA I suggest



I normally write real time control
and operating systems software including
a multitasking extension for DOS that
takes 16K, allows up to 20 standard C
programs to be run in normal and/or EMS
memory and includes semaphores,
maiboxes, windowing, timeslicing, and
full priority based preemption. It even
puts tasks to sleep and runs other ready
tasks while waiting for Disk DMA
operations to complete. Alas this
product is imbedded in a much larger
proprietary product used in the process
control market and is not currently
available 'stand-alone'.

My wife graciously puts up with my
profession but hey, if you enjoy this
program, perhaps a couple of you could
send $2 to Al Chisholm, 25 Redcoat Ln,
Plainville(honest!), Mass, 02762 so we
can get a baby sitter and go to the

My Compuserve ID is 74017,3605

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