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Extra files for FRACTINT v. 17 Fractal program (pallettes, functions, parameters, and extra tools, etc.).

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FracXtra v4: Fractint Extras Collection
A huge collection of .map, .par, .frm,
.ifs, .l, .key, and .bat files, as well
as some small external programs for
Fractint v17+ fractal generation program.
by Dan Goldwater, 2/29/93 release.

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Extra files for FRACTINT v. 17 Fractal program (pallettes, functions, parameters, and extra tools, etc.).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BAT 0 0 stored
001MAN.BAT 4615 381 deflated
ANIM 0 0 stored
ANIMATE.BAT 1172 495 deflated
DANIM1.BAT 1248 353 deflated
DANIM2.BAT 1252 346 deflated
DANIM3.BAT 1890 449 deflated
DANIM4.BAT 2520 520 deflated
DANIM5.BAT 6150 1029 deflated
DANIM6.BAT 20525 4458 deflated
BEST_LYP.BAT 218 91 deflated
BEST_ONE.BAT 687 217 deflated
DEMO.BAT 607 202 deflated
FRACTI.BAT 403 127 deflated
MOSAIC.BAT 494 111 deflated
MOSTEST.BAT 1294 144 deflated
NEW.BAT 5394 423 deflated
NEWFRACT.BAT 975 230 deflated
PETE-1.BAT 1083 271 deflated
PURPLE.BAT 395 120 deflated
STAR10.BAT 822 200 deflated
TEMP.BAK 170 135 deflated
TEMP.BAT 40 40 stored
TEMP.C 168 136 deflated
TEMP.TMP 5 5 stored
TO87.BAT 49 37 deflated
TREK.BAT 547 183 deflated
DESC.SDI 238 172 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 238 172 deflated
FRM 0 0 stored
DAN.FRM 141 87 deflated
ELI.FRM 852 269 deflated
EXPLOD.FRM 1919 367 deflated
FLIP.FRM 1493 446 deflated
FRACTINT.FRM 10344 3482 deflated
IMPROVED.FRM 17704 3581 deflated
RCL.FRM 7079 2045 deflated
SAM.FRM 1372 502 deflated
SELECT.FRM 6979 919 deflated
TCHEBYCH.FRM 7840 1323 deflated
ULI.FRM 1403 616 deflated
IFS 0 0 stored
FRACTINT.IFS 5795 1496 deflated
JUTEIFS.IFS 2840 692 deflated
KEY 0 0 stored
DEMO.KEY 9426 2507 deflated
L 0 0 stored
FRACTINT.L 11163 2690 deflated
PENROSE.L 6462 1676 deflated
TILING.L 1587 634 deflated
MAP 0 0 stored
2.MAP 3328 47 deflated
23.MAP 3328 416 deflated
3.MAP 3328 175 deflated
4.MAP 3328 48 deflated
4ZEBBOW.MAP 3327 317 deflated
4ZEBBOWX.MAP 3328 715 deflated
8RAIN.MAP 3328 302 deflated
8RAIN2.MAP 3328 276 deflated
8TEMP.MAP 1473 233 deflated
8ZEBBOW2.MAP 3328 203 deflated
ALTERN.MAP 3393 587 deflated
BANDBOW1.MAP 3328 515 deflated
BANDW.MAP 3328 547 deflated
BASIC.MAP 3328 711 deflated
BLAKWHIT.MAP 3328 129 deflated
BLAKWHT.MAP 3328 658 deflated
BLEND.MAP 3328 747 deflated
BLEND1.MAP 3328 638 deflated
BLEND2.MAP 3328 635 deflated
BLEND3.MAP 3328 664 deflated
BLEND4.MAP 3328 552 deflated
BLEND8.MAP 3328 471 deflated
BLENDFFF.MAP 3328 716 deflated
BLENGBYG.MAP 3328 864 deflated
BLUEIN.MAP 3328 151 deflated
BLUEOUT.MAP 3328 151 deflated
BLUES.MAP 3370 539 deflated
BLUORNG.MAP 3328 322 deflated
CHROMA.MAP 4222 529 deflated
CHROMA2.MAP 3328 556 deflated
CHROMA3.MAP 3328 474 deflated
CHROMA4.MAP 3328 444 deflated
CLOUDS.MAP 3328 381 deflated
COLDFIRE.MAP 3328 502 deflated
DEFAULT.MAP 2794 644 deflated
DEFAULTW.MAP 3380 581 deflated
EGAN1.MAP 3328 907 deflated
EGAN2.MAP 3328 907 deflated
EGAN3.MAP 3328 910 deflated
EGAN4.MAP 3328 946 deflated
EGASOFT.MAP 3120 92 deflated
FADECHR1.MAP 3328 862 deflated
FADERN1.MAP 3328 433 deflated
FADERN2.MAP 3328 760 deflated
FADERN3.MAP 3328 726 deflated
FADERN4.MAP 3328 743 deflated
FADERN5.MAP 3328 714 deflated
FIRE2.MAP 3328 514 deflated
FIRESTRM.MAP 3373 1017 deflated
FOURAIN.MAP 3328 276 deflated
FOURAIN2.MAP 3328 259 deflated
GAMMA1.MAP 3350 781 deflated
GAMMA2.MAP 3136 798 deflated
GLASSES1.MAP 3328 229 deflated
GLASSES2.MAP 3328 522 deflated
GLASSES5.MAP 3328 514 deflated
GOODEGA.MAP 3712 582 deflated
GRAYISH.MAP 3328 360 deflated
GREEN.MAP 3456 218 deflated
GREENIN.MAP 3328 151 deflated
GREENOUT.MAP 3328 151 deflated
GREY.MAP 3060 789 deflated
GRID.MAP 3330 59 deflated
HEADACHE.MAP 3372 461 deflated
HYBRID.MAP 3328 484 deflated
INDIGO.MAP 3328 352 deflated
JSTRIPE.MAP 3328 506 deflated
JUTEBLUE.MAP 3328 860 deflated
JUTEMAP.MAP 3328 959 deflated
JUTEMAP2.MAP 3328 1006 deflated
JUTES.MAP 3328 623 deflated
LANDSCAP.MAP 2552 305 deflated
LASER.MAP 3328 39 deflated
LIGHT.MAP 3328 485 deflated
LITNIN1.MAP 3328 725 deflated
LONGS.MAP 3328 651 deflated
LYAPUNOV.MAP 3328 226 deflated
MANDMAP.MAP 3328 874 deflated
NEON.MAP 3358 645 deflated
NEW.MAP 3328 559 deflated
NEWMAP.MAP 3328 392 deflated
NICE.MAP 3328 816 deflated
PAINTJET.MAP 313 160 deflated
PASTEL.MAP 3328 688 deflated
PLASMA1.MAP 3328 841 deflated
PLASMA2.MAP 3328 764 deflated
POVRAY.MAP 3328 203 deflated
PVLAND.MAP 3328 157 deflated
RAIN4.MAP 3328 218 deflated
RAIN4G1.MAP 3328 410 deflated
RAIN4X.MAP 3328 289 deflated
RAIN4X2.MAP 3328 258 deflated
RAINBOW.MAP 3328 629 deflated
RAINBOW2.MAP 3328 592 deflated
RAINBOW3.MAP 3328 648 deflated
RAINBOW4.MAP 3328 577 deflated
RAINBOW5.MAP 3328 634 deflated
RAINHYB.MAP 3328 398 deflated
RBY.MAP 3328 631 deflated
REDGRN.MAP 3328 729 deflated
REDIN.MAP 3328 151 deflated
REDOUT.MAP 3328 149 deflated
REDS.MAP 3328 423 deflated
RGB.MAP 3328 458 deflated
RGB2.MAP 3328 870 deflated
ROYAL.MAP 3362 656 deflated
ROYGBV.MAP 3329 238 deflated
SEA.MAP 3328 578 deflated
SEA2.MAP 3328 570 deflated
SMOOTH.MAP 3399 540 deflated
STAR.MAP 3328 849 deflated
STRIPE.MAP 3328 753 deflated
STRIPE2.MAP 3328 514 deflated
SWEET.MAP 3328 756 deflated
TEMP.MAP 3328 46 deflated
TOPO.MAP 3411 583 deflated
TOPO2.MAP 3328 268 deflated
TWORAIN.MAP 3328 427 deflated
TWORAIN2.MAP 3328 425 deflated
TWOWHITE.MAP 3328 47 deflated
VERTIGO.MAP 3328 741 deflated
VOLCANO.MAP 3366 619 deflated
VOLCANO2.MAP 3328 463 deflated
VOLCANO3.MAP 3328 508 deflated
VOLCANO4.MAP 3328 593 deflated
VOLCANO5.MAP 3328 456 deflated
VOLCANO6.MAP 3328 445 deflated
VOOON.MAP 3328 696 deflated
WHITEBLK.MAP 3328 563 deflated
WORMS.MAP 3328 141 deflated
YELPURP1.MAP 3328 387 deflated
ZEBBOW2.MAP 3328 452 deflated
ZOOT.MAP 3328 607 deflated
OTHER 0 0 stored
24BIT.TXT 7242 3070 deflated
ANIMATE.TXT 946 491 deflated
DANIM.TXT 569 298 deflated
EXPLOD.ZIP 29491 29351 deflated
FBAT102.TXT 249 141 deflated
FBAT102.ZIP 25179 24795 deflated
FRACHEAD.RAY 851 478 deflated
FRACTCFG.2 12992 2422 deflated
FRACTCFG.3 14532 3142 deflated
FRACTCFG.TXT 913 441 deflated
FRACTFLY.ZIP 7388 7238 deflated
FRACZOOM.TXT 584 330 deflated
FRACZOOM.ZIP 34809 34138 deflated
GLASSES5.MAP 212 140 deflated
JUTEFILE.TXT 1865 917 deflated
MAP100.TXT 421 230 deflated
MAP100.ZIP 40983 38086 deflated
NEWFRAC.TXT 1381 731 deflated
PARPAR.TXT 592 364 deflated
PARTOBAT.EXE 11248 6524 deflated
PARTOBAT.TXT 329 197 deflated
RBGLASS.TXT 580 312 deflated
RCL.TXT 1239 655 deflated
SELECT.DOC 1288 588 deflated
SMURF2.ZIP 6833 5993 deflated
SSTOOLS2.INI 1037 557 deflated
SSTOOLS2.TXT 383 212 deflated
STAR10.TXT 389 231 deflated
TEXTCOL.INI 792 431 deflated
PAR 0 0 stored
001MAN.PAR 25015 6071 deflated
BEAOFFRA.PAR 22384 4055 deflated
BEST_ONE.PAR 5145 1816 deflated
BP.PAR 12143 3700 deflated
BURTS.PAR 17056 2041 deflated
DCONTPOT.PAR 11107 2012 deflated
DGENERAL.PAR 16484 3699 deflated
EGAN.PAR 4321 1713 deflated
ELI.PAR 11097 3118 deflated
ENDTABLE.PAR 7057 2985 deflated
FRACTI.PAR 4022 2146 deflated
FRACTINT.PAR 16978 7100 deflated
JUTEFRAC.PAR 20919 6674 deflated
LYAPUNOV.PAR 2613 1144 deflated
MISC.PAR 6392 2858 deflated
MOSAIC.PAR 1273 189 deflated
NEWFRACT.PAR 6057 2686 deflated
NYUF.PAR 5690 2164 deflated
PETE-1.PAR 7743 3195 deflated
PURPLE.PAR 2329 807 deflated
RADAR.PAR 4225 1925 deflated
RBGLASS.PAR 837 547 deflated
RCL.PAR 8380 896 deflated
RHCORN.PAR 5240 1082 deflated
RHSNEW.PAR 33557 6083 deflated
SMURF1.PAR 8418 2394 deflated
SMURF2.PAR 4232 1387 deflated
STAR.PAR 3889 1373 deflated
TCHEBYCH.PAR 3811 1117 deflated
TETSUO.PAR 17946 4743 deflated
TREK.PAR 3537 1712 deflated
ULI.PAR 22400 5205 deflated
WOHLERS.PAR 22199 8179 deflated
README.TXT 11460 4252 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

FracXtra v4: Fractint Extras Collection
A huge collection of .map, .par, .frm,
.ifs, .l, .key, and .bat files, as well
as some small external programs for
Fractint v17+ fractal generation program.
by Dan Goldwater, 2/29/93 release.
FracXtra v4.0: Fractint Extras Collection by Dan Goldwater, 2/29/93 release.
distributed as FRACXTR4.ZIP


FracXtra is a huge collection of .map, .par, .frm, .ifs, .l, .key, and .bat
files, as well as some small external programs for the best fractal generator
ever made, Fractint, by the Stone Soup Group (they want glory. they
deserve glory. give them glory). version 17 or higher of fractint is
needed for some of the files in this collection. The files are
by no means all made by me, although i did make quite a few of
the .map and .par files myself. The FracXtra collection
is really just a collection of all the fractint .map, .par, .frm, etc.
files i have found on the internet and on bulletin


version 4!
got a lot of new stuff (thanks to contributors), cleaned things up a
little more, zipped the collection with the
old pkzip v1.10, because some people don't yet have the new
pkzip v2.04g (or info-zip's unzip v5.0 and zip v1.9, which support
pkzip v2.04g type compression).


getting your own Fractint extras in the FracXtra collection:

If you have any good Fractint extras you would like
to have included in this collection, just tell me how to get them and i
will include them in the next release.


where to get FracXtra:

FracXtra can be obtained from finer bulletin boards, as well
as on the Internet. If you can't find it anywhere, I can upload it to
an Internet site for you. Just email me, and ask.

Finer Bulletin Boards (not by any means a complete list):
The Graphics Alternative BBS, 510-524-2780
Quantum BBS, 413-584-1863
Channel 1 BBS, 617-354-7077 617-354-3137 617-354-5776 617-354-8873

Internet FTP sites:
Unfortunately, FracXtra does not yet have a permanent home anywhere on the
Internet (anyone want to give it one? please email me if you do).
However, new releases of FracXtra are often found on the following sites: in /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/graphics/ or
/pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/misc/ or similar. in /pub/pc/win3/uploads/ in /pub/ (this is the XFractint source.
XFractint includes the full FracXtra with it. look for the
file xfract172.tar.Z or similar. the FracXtra release may be here
as a separate file as well).

where to get Fractint:

Fractint v17.2/17.3 is available in versions for dos, windows, and X.
you can get Fractint on any of the above BBS systems and internet
FTP sites. on, look in /mirrors/msdos/graphics/ as the source code is, and the X version is the windows version is in /mirrors/msdos/windows3/ as New versions of the software will presumably have similar
names when they are released.


I make absolutely no
claim to ownership of most of the files or programs
contained here, and some of them may be shareware, although most
are freeware or public domain. Many of the files
are copyrighted in the specific files by whoever made them. Due to
the methods and time period over which this
collection was/is gathered, it
would be impossible to list all the contributors whose names are not
specifically in a file contained herein.
basically i think what i want to say here is all
the legal stuff that gets me off the hook when
you sue me for something. just insert
any and all disclaimers here. i am not trying to
make any money from this, anyway. if any author of something
in this collection doesn't like what i am doing, just email or real-mail
me and i'll correct the situation.


using the collection:

.par files are fractal parameter files. press '@', then 'f6' to load a
parameter file.
.map files are fractal color maps. load them with 'l' when in color cycling
mode (press 'c' to go to color cycling mode when an image is displayed).
.frm files are fractal formula files. press 't', choose 'formula', then
press 'f6' to load a formula file
.ifs files are IFS type fractal formula files. press 't', choose 'IFS', then
press 'f6' to load an IFS formula file.
.l files are L-system fractal formula files. press 't', choose 'L-system',
then press 'f6' to load an L-system formula file.
.bat files are for running fractint with command line options from dos.
.key files are fractint macro keylists, for demos and such.
other files are external programs, .txt files describing files in the
collection, or other things.

note that all the extras files contained in the release
Fractint v17.2 are in fracxtra.
while the various types of fractint files are separated into their own
directories in this archive, you may want to put them all in your
fractint main directory, because using them is easier that way.
but, if you really don't want all 300 files in one directory, unzip this
file with -d to recreate the directory structure. note that the
.frm, .bat, and possibly some of the other files in the collection
may not work as expected if they aren't in the same directory as fractint.exe.
maybe newer versions of fractint will allow a forcefully defined directory
for each type of file.


upgrading old fracxtra releases:

upgrading from version 2 or version 1:

everything in the previous releases of fracxtra is in this release, but some
files have been renamed, some conglomerated to reduce the number of files, and
some deleted if they duplicated other files. as a result, you can delete
every file in the old version and then unzip this collection. the
problem is that if you have made any fractint files of your own, you will
have to avoid deleting them (heh heh).
to help you do this, the following files existed in version 2 but have been
deleted in this version:
all .l files except fractint.l, penrose.l, tiling.l
moreifs1.ifs, (what were these all white and all black maps for?!?)

upgrading from version 3, 2, and 1:

the /txt directory was eliminated. the .txt files are now in /other.
erase the following files, which were either duplicates or were renamed:,,


notes on specific files:

many of the .txt files in /other correspond to a .par and/or .frm file, and
describe how to use it or who wrote it or something like that.

fractint.frm and improved.frm have many of the same formulas in them, but
they have been organized so that fractint.frm is a subset of improved.frm.
the formulas in fractint.frm have many of the variables preset, such that
they require less parameters than the corresponding (and similarly named)
formulas in improved.frm. many of the improved.frm formulas in turn have
a comment which gives example values to try in a formula, and these are
often the values used to preset that formula in fractint.frm. note that
the fractint.frm included in the collection is different from the one
included in Fractint v17. you may want to rename improved.frm to
fractint.frm, and fractint.frm to oldfract.frm, because many of the .par
files expect certain formulas to be in fractint.frm which are now only
in improved.frm.

some of the .par and .bat files are directory dependant, and may not be
able to find the .frm, .map, or .par files they need to work properly.
in general, most can be made to work if your fractint.exe is located in
c:\fract\ and the .frm, .map, .par, and/or .bat files in question are
also located in c:\fract\. you could also fix this problem by editing the
files in question, or by adding your .map, .par, and .frm files on the path.

the following files were made by me: about half of the .map files, including
almost all the various rainbow and volcano and fade ones. i made the
dgeneral.par and the dcontpot.par files, both are (c), but you
can use them for any non-profit purpose you wish, as long as
you don't claim you made them. i also wrote part of the
24bit.txt info file on making 24bit fractals, and
the frachead.ray rayshade header file. also many of the .txt and .bat files
describing various stuff (in /other). also made fraccfg.2.


version history:

version 1:
- the initial release. totally undocumented and disorganized and incomplete.
everyone kept bugging me and bugging me to re-upload it everywhere .

version 2:
- got a whole bunch of new .par, .frm, .l, and .bat files, and a few .map's
- made this readme file, and the file_id.diz.
- discovered that none of the .ifs files were in the correct format. i fixed
them, and consolidated all the new ones into one file, moreifs.ifs.
- consolidated a few of the .par files that had only a few .par's
in them into the misc.par file.
- eliminated duplication in a few of the .par files (like wohlers.par
and all of the .par files i made myself), and i consolidated my own .par's.

version 3:
- got a few new .map and .par files
- nuked a ton of .l and .ifs files because they were dups
- changed the zip-exe dir to an other dir, and put in some new stuff.
- removed duplication from the remaining .l files.
- removed duplication between fractint.frm and improved.frm, and
reorganized those files (see notes).
- fixed one of the formulas in improved.frm which had a syntax error (jm_23).
- made a .txt file about making 24bit fractals
- used pkzip v2.04e to compress
- made a .ray file header for rayshade output files
- misc. editing of files

version 4:
- made fade*.map
- deleted, renamed and
- got select.frm file, and burt.par file
- got a .map file making program,
- moved the /txt stuff into /other
- used the old pkzip v1.10 to compress, for compatibility
- misc. editing of files
- made/added .txt and .bat files on animating fractals.
- got about 20 new .map, a .par, and a .ifs file
- got, a par-to-bat converter
- got a .cfg file and .ini additions and other misc. files in /other


--Dan Goldwater--

preferred (internet) email: [email protected]
alternate (internet) emails: [email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Compu$erve users: I have been told that you too can send me email at my
internet email address, though i can't tell you how to do it.

since i'm a student, feel free to send money if that's your desire:

Dan Goldwater
9 Forest Edge Rd
Amherst, MA 01002-1533


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