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Redwood Draw v1.0 graphic data plotting program.
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Redwood Draw v1.0 graphic data plotting program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BAR1.PLT 237 173 deflated
BAR3.PLT 450 240 deflated
BINHIST.TUT 212 155 deflated
BOUNCE.PLT 5189 535 deflated
BXBY.PLT 5309 1611 deflated
CAPLINE.PLT 645 310 deflated
CHARS.PLT 665 347 deflated
CHARSET.PLT 1203 444 deflated
COLORS.PLT 1766 496 deflated
DEFLECT.PLT 1171 534 deflated
DEMO.LST 349 159 deflated
DEMO1.LST 165 94 deflated
DEMO2.LST 173 98 deflated
ERRORBAR.TUT 399 234 deflated
FIELD.PLT 10541 1737 deflated
FIT.PLT 1565 411 deflated
FLUX.PLT 24612 7455 deflated
GANT.PLT 1141 460 deflated
GRAPH.TUT 747 366 deflated
GRID.TUT 1176 317 deflated
HIST.PLT 268 178 deflated
HV_TEST.PLT 3111 982 deflated
IMPORT.PLT 285 205 deflated
JOINSEGS.TUT 407 208 deflated
LIMITS.TUT 359 170 deflated
LINESTYL.TUT 1070 243 deflated
LOG2.PLT 386 224 deflated
MULTIPLE.PLT 1210 525 deflated
NOISY.PLT 959 399 deflated
PAUSE.PLT 321 163 deflated
PIC.INC 1986 764 deflated
PIC.PLT 2094 821 deflated
PIE.PLT 229 168 deflated
PIEBAR.PLT 1187 435 deflated
README.DOC 2973 1203 deflated
REFLECT.PLT 646 288 deflated
RW.EXE 155874 71261 deflated
RWD1.PCX 27204 4100 deflated
RWHP2TIF.EXE 31076 18888 deflated
RWHPCOMB.EXE 30270 18557 deflated
RWMANUAL.HP 148945 26942 deflated
RWMANUAL.TTY 103317 25013 deflated
RWORDER.FRM 1776 549 deflated
SERVO.PLT 1175 366 deflated
SMOOTH.TUT 720 323 deflated
STACKS.PLT 1387 382 deflated
TEXT.PLT 834 354 deflated
TEXTGRPH.HPM 150046 10661 deflated
TITLES.PLT 760 307 deflated
TRIANGLE.PLT 952 298 deflated
TUTOR.LST 113 75 deflated
WIND2.PLT 813 395 deflated
WIND3.PLT 1154 476 deflated
WINDOW.TUT 688 304 deflated
ZEROS1.PLT 9952 2781 deflated

Download File REDWOOD.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.DOC file

Readme.doc REDWOOD DRAW Version 1.0

Welcome to REDWOOD DRAW, a script-based graphics interpreter that:

* Makes charts, plots, or other depictions of numerical
data in unlimited formats

* Presents on-screen slide shows and cycling shows

* Makes text slides or briefing charts

* Produces hard copy on laser and dot matrix printers

* Fits and smooths data

* Prepares PCX and TIFF files for desktop publishing

The input or command file can be made with any ASCII editor or it
can be generated by a program that you write.

A slide show is included to illustrate some of the many plots that
can be produced. REDWOOD DRAW can be run from a floppy diskette
or it can be installed on a hard disk system. For example, if the
hard disk is C: make a new directory off the root with the DOS


Shift to the new directory:


Insert the diskette in floppy drive A: and copy all files to the
hard disk with:

COPY A:*.*

If a single ZIP file is provided unpack it with PKUNZIP from

Start the slide show:


Each slide is plotted and remains on the screen until the space
bar is pressed. The name of each input file appears at the lower
left corner of the screen. An input file can be inspected later
by using an ordinary ASCII editor or word processor or by using
the DOS commands TYPE or PRINT.

The manual is provided in two formats:

RWMANUAL.TTY is for most printers (Carriage Return and Line Feed
at end of each line, Form Feed recognized, at least 66 lines per
page). This file could be edited to fit other formats, but
changing page numbers would generally confuse the table of
contents and the index. A word processor could be used to
recompile those sections.

RWMANUAL.HP is for a HP LaserJet II (TM) or 100% compatible laser

Either form can be sent to the appropriate printer with the DOS


A sample page from a desktop publishing system is also included.
To prepare that page a TIFF format graphics file from REDWOOD DRAW
was imported. You can transfer the file to a LaserJet or 100%
compatible printer with the COPY command:


The file contains a bitmap so it MUST be transferred with the COPY
command with /B (binary switch) on.


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