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Plot molecules in 3D: includes .exe for speed: From BYTE, 2/85 & 2/86.
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Plot molecules in 3D: includes .exe for speed: From BYTE, 2/85 & 2/86.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
B10H14.DAT 768 262 deflated
B5H9.DAT 768 182 deflated
BENZ.DAT 512 156 deflated
BENZENE.DAT 512 156 deflated
C7H7O2N.DAT 640 281 deflated
COLOR3D.BAS 7023 2442 deflated
COLOR3D.EXE 54082 35327 deflated
COLOR3DX.BAS 7187 2499 deflated
CRC6H6.DAT 3200 553 deflated
CRDIBENZ.DAT 768 175 deflated
DATAGEN.BAS 1408 614 deflated
PATTERNS.DAT 384 100 deflated
README3D.DOC 2104 1024 deflated
TRICARB.DAT 640 237 deflated

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Contents of the README3D.DOC file

Reference: BYTE, February 1985, and February 1986

The following programs accompany the article "Molecules in Color",
which describes COLOR3D.BAS, a color IBM PC version of MODEL3D.BAS,
a Macintosh program that appeared in the February 1985 BYTE.

COLOR3D.BAS -the program, which requires an IBM PC or compatible, and
DATAGEN.BAS -a short program that generates the data file for tricarbonyl

The following are data files to be used with COLOR3D.BAS:

B5H9.DAT \
B10H14.DAT \
C7H702N.DAT \
NACL.DAT \ These files must be on the default drive
CR(C6H6).DAT / when running COLOR3D: They contain the atomic patterns
Benzene.DAT / for the molecules to be displayed
PATTERNS.DAT - This data file generates the patterns that you may use with

above notes downloaded from BYTE BBS

Additional Notes:


COLOR3D.EXE - compiled with quickbasic 2. This version is slightly different
from COLOR3d.BAS. It allows you to LOOP and EXIT at will, so that you
don't have to run the program three times to see three molecules. It also
asks you what drive the files are on, so that you can have the .DAT files
on floppies and COLOR3D.EXE on hard disk or different floppy.

COLOR3dx.EXE - The source for above.

If you don't have access to the articles above, what COLOR3D does is read a
.DAT file which has a list of the atoms, their positions, etc, and paints them

The program will compile with MS QUICKBASIC 2, but NOT with IBM BASIC COMPILER
(due to character variable argument in paint statement.)

Suggestions on answering the programs input queries:
Viewing Distance (in Angstroms) - Try 6000 to 12000 to start
Scaling Size for Atoms - Try .5 to 1.5. The larger the atom, the longer
the program takes to paint them.


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