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Scene files for POV 2.0 . Examples with which to learn and use POV 2. Also includes include files, textures, etc.

Full Description of File

This archive contains the example
scene files for the Persistence of
Vision Raytracer, POV-Ray version 2.0.
Note include files are now in POVDOC
archive. Create your own \POVRAY2
directory and un-zip this file using
the -d option to insure that the
proper sub-directories are created.
Other files are needed. See
POVINF.DOC from this library for more

File POV2SCN.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Printer + Display Graphics
Scene files for POV 2.0 . Examples with which to learn and use POV 2. Also includes include files, textures, etc.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 387 250 deflated
POVINF.DOC 11630 4279 deflated
POVLEGAL.DOC 12596 4747 deflated
POVSCN.CAT 767 399 deflated
SCENES 0 0 stored
LEVEL1 0 0 stored
BALLBOX1.POV 2469 1062 deflated
BASICVUE.POV 820 428 deflated
BLOB.POV 569 287 deflated
BOX.POV 545 275 deflated
BUMPMAP.POV 795 428 deflated
BUMPMAP_.GIF 29080 28542 deflated
CANTELOP.POV 1810 692 deflated
CHECKER2.POV 1885 770 deflated
CLIPTST2.POV 2634 922 deflated
DISH.POV 1581 616 deflated
DODEC2.POV 3379 904 deflated
FILTFUN.POV 1653 606 deflated
FOGTST.POV 990 396 deflated
GLASDISH.POV 1139 567 deflated
GLASS.POV 696 342 deflated
GRANITE.POV 1616 693 deflated
IMAGETST.POV 814 393 deflated
INTEE1.POV 2008 860 deflated
LASER.POV 2932 971 deflated
LEVEL1.CAT 2667 1209 deflated
LITE.POV 708 400 deflated
MAPPER.POV 928 434 deflated
MAPPR2.POV 1473 593 deflated
MATMAP.POV 2242 749 deflated
POVMAP.GIF 2358 2358 stored
PVINTERP.POV 1073 443 deflated
SHADOWS.POV 1374 599 deflated
SIMPLE.POV 546 309 deflated
SPOTLITE.POV 1310 511 deflated
SUNSET.POV 1741 657 deflated
SUNSET1.POV 1285 587 deflated
WINDOW.POV 2904 1014 deflated
LEVEL2 0 0 stored
ARCHES.POV 2726 865 deflated
CLUSTER.POV 2165 772 deflated
CRYSTAL.POV 1935 835 deflated
EIGHT.POV 3031 1022 deflated
EIGHT_.IFF 2602 721 deflated
FRACT003.GIF 9895 9272 deflated
HFCLIP.POV 2970 1222 deflated
ILLUM1.POV 4946 711 deflated
ILLUM2.POV 3703 683 deflated
IORTEST.POV 2908 1150 deflated
LAMPPOST.POV 6541 1552 deflated
LEVEL2.CAT 2733 1278 deflated
LPOPS1.POV 4129 831 deflated
LPOPS2.POV 5218 1028 deflated
MAGGLASS.POV 2362 1009 deflated
MTMAND.PAR 512 312 deflated
MTMAND.POT 42207 40610 deflated
MTMAND.POV 4339 1803 deflated
MTMANDJ.GIF 8315 7511 deflated
PACMAN.IFF 5422 1089 deflated
PACMAN.POV 5385 1186 deflated
PAWNS.POV 13172 2196 deflated
PLANET.POV 2106 748 deflated
PLASMA2.GIF 8552 8169 deflated
POLYWOOD.POV 2900 1205 deflated
POOLBALL.INC 3804 597 deflated
POOLBALL.POV 2995 1064 deflated
ROMO.POV 1488 513 deflated
ROOM.POV 3101 1026 deflated
SKYVASE.POV 2600 1034 deflated
SMOKE.POV 1919 699 deflated
SOFT.POV 3025 826 deflated
SPLINE.INC 21226 4497 deflated
SPLINE.POV 1143 559 deflated
STONEWAL.POV 2669 896 deflated
SUNSETHF.POV 3003 979 deflated
TETRA.POV 1592 524 deflated
WATERBOW.POV 2621 990 deflated
WTORUS.POV 1570 664 deflated
LEVEL3 0 0 stored
CAR 0 0 stored
CAR.POV 5569 1426 deflated
CAR_INC.GIF 4964 4964 stored
CHESS.POV 15503 2423 deflated
DESK.POV 8246 1552 deflated
DRUMS2 0 0 stored
DRUMS.INC 5693 1486 deflated
DRUMS.POV 2764 1083 deflated
REDNEWT.GIF 41268 39702 deflated
FISH13 0 0 stored
FINSKIN2.GIF 115747 115285 deflated
FISH.INC 37334 4361 deflated
FISH13.POV 1225 536 deflated
FISHEYE.GIF 8449 8034 deflated
STEM1.INC 12782 2015 deflated
WORLD12.INC 2921 675 deflated
IONIC5 0 0 stored
B-SNAKE.INC 59995 5348 deflated
CONGO4.GIF 26973 25984 deflated
IONIC5.POV 17587 3224 deflated
LIZARD.INC 3006 637 deflated
MARBLE.INC 26326 2296 deflated
PANTHER.INC 35464 4153 deflated
S-HEAD3.INC 50263 5234 deflated
TURN.INC 35720 2843 deflated
KSCOPE.POV 5828 912 deflated
LAMP.POV 2287 790 deflated
LEVEL3.CAT 2015 885 deflated
NTREAL 0 0 stored
NTREAL.INC 19537 2069 deflated
NTREAL.POV 6338 1501 deflated
OAK2.POV 4937 1368 deflated
PENCIL 0 0 stored
PENCIL.POV 7509 1976 deflated
PENCIL_.GIF 1115 1115 stored
PIECE1.POV 11574 2153 deflated
PIECE2 0 0 stored
LIGHT.INC 662 193 deflated
PIECE2.POV 2563 826 deflated
SPURAL1.INC 94140 8374 deflated
SPURAL2.INC 94098 8357 deflated
TORI2.INC 647 195 deflated
TTEXTURE.INC 3720 713 deflated
PIECE3 0 0 stored
CURLY-Q.INC 46398 5166 deflated
LINKS.INC 2028 340 deflated
PIECE3.POV 8411 1970 deflated
POOL.POV 7987 2045 deflated
ROMAN.POV 5439 1331 deflated
SNACK.POV 9990 1683 deflated
SNAIL 0 0 stored
HALLWAY.INC 6852 1374 deflated
MMSHAPE.INC 4331 886 deflated
SNAIL.POV 1419 580 deflated
THESNAIL.INC 52307 5504 deflated
TAKEOFF.POV 4624 1038 deflated
TEAPOT 0 0 stored
TEAPOT.INC 19738 1770 deflated
TEAPOT.POV 941 449 deflated
TOMB.POV 13842 3003 deflated
WEALTH.POV 3195 1003 deflated
WG5.POV 4447 1260 deflated
MATH 0 0 stored
AXISBOX.INC 2688 578 deflated
BEZIER.POV 1180 515 deflated
BEZIER0.POV 981 443 deflated
BICUBE.POV 1231 484 deflated
FOLIUM.POV 1212 503 deflated
GRAFBIC.POV 1458 581 deflated
HELIX.POV 2661 850 deflated
HYPTORUS.POV 1271 519 deflated
LEMNISC2.POV 1847 529 deflated
LEMNISCA.POV 1222 490 deflated
MATH.CAT 1704 746 deflated
MONKEY.POV 1184 490 deflated
PARTORUS.POV 1239 509 deflated
PIRIFORM.POV 1366 543 deflated
QUARCYL.POV 1245 488 deflated
QUARPARA.POV 1187 471 deflated
STEINER.POV 1041 487 deflated
TCUBIC.POV 1126 451 deflated
TEARDROP.POV 659 347 deflated
TORUS.POV 1281 522 deflated
TROUGH.POV 1116 458 deflated
WITCH.POV 1110 421 deflated
WHATSNEW.DOC 2924 1367 deflated

Download File POV2SCN.ZIP Here

Contents of the POVINF.DOC file

Persistence of Vision Raytracer
Version 2.0
Basic Information

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer creates three-dimensional,
photo-realistic images using a rendering technique called ray tracing.
It reads in a text file containing information describing the objects and
lighting in a scene and generates an image of that scene from the view
point of a camera also described in the text file. Ray tracing is not
a fast process by any means, but it produces very high quality images
with realistic reflections, shading, perspective, and other effects.

The POV-Ray package includes detailed instructions on using the
raytracer and creating scenes. Many stunning scenes are included with
POV-Ray so you can start creating images immediately when you get
the package. These scenes can be modified by the user also so they
don't have to start from scratch.

In addition to the pre-defined scenes are a large library of
predefined shapes and materials that can be used in your own scenes by
just typing the name of the shape or material.

POV-Ray is easy to use, and also includes many advanced features
like bezier patches, blobs, height-fields, bump mapping, and material

POV-Ray can be used on IBM-PC and compatibles, Apple Macintoshes,
Commodore Amiga's, UNIX, and other computers.

Here is a list the files that you need to use POV-Ray on your

The latest versions of these files are available over CompuServe,
America Online, Internet, and several BBS's. See 'Where to find POV-Ray
files' section below for more info.


For IBM-PC & compatibles:
Requires: 386 or better CPU and at least 2 meg of RAM
A math co-processor and VGA display is recommended
This version will run under DOS, OS/2 and Windows.
It will not run under Desqview.

Files required:
POVDOC.ZIP - The documentation and essential data files for POV-Ray
POVSCN.ZIP - The example scene files for POV-Ray
POVIBM.ZIP - Executable and docs for IBM-PC and compatibles

You will also need a program like PICLAB or Image Alchemy to convert
the TGA files output by POV-Ray to GIF files and a GIF viewer
program. These programs can be found from any of the sources
listed below.

Optional Files:
The source is not needed to use POV-Ray. It is provided for the
curious and adventurous

POVSRC.ZIP - The C source code for POV-Ray for most systems.
POVSCR.SEA - Macintosh source code for POV-Ray.

For Apple Macintosh:
The Apple Macintosh version of POV-Ray can be found in the
archive POVMAC.SEA or POVMNF.SEA. POVMAC.SEA contains the

preferred "high-performance" executable for Macs with a floating
point coprocessor (FPU). POVMNF.SEA contains the slower more
universal executable, which will run on any 68020 or better Mac
without an FPU. The Macintosh version of POV-Ray needs a 68020
or better CPU (Mac II series, SE/30, Quadras, some Powerbooks,
etc.) It will run under Sytem 6.0.4 or newer (System 7 preferred.)
It also requires 32 bit Color Quickdraw, which is built into System
7, and is an optional init in System 6.

QuickTime 1.5 or newer is preferred but not required. If it is
installed, it will allow compression of the final PICT images.
It will also allow adding custom System 7 Thumbnail icons to the
PICT files in the Finder. Of course, a color monitor is preferred,
but not required.

Files Required:
POVDOC.SEA - The documentation and essential data files for POV-Ray
POVMAC.SEA - Regular executable and notes for Apple Macintosh
with FPU
POVMNF.SEA - Generic (No FPU) Executable and notes for any
POVSCN.SEA - The example scene files for POV-Ray

Optional Files:
POVSRC.SEA - The C source code for POV-Ray
(MPW 3.3 & Symantec C 6.0)

This source code is not needed to use POV-Ray. It is provided for
the curious and adventurous.

For Commodore Amiga:
Requires: Amiga 500, 600, 1000, 1200, 2000, 3000 or 4000. Works
under AmigaDOS 1.2, 1.3, 2.xx, and 3.xx. Supports HAM6
mode as well as HAM-E and the Firecracker.

Files Required:
POVDOC.LZH - The documentation for POV-Ray.
POVSCN.LZH - The example scene files for POV-Ray.
POVAMI.LZH - Executable and docs for Commodore Amiga.

Optional Files:
The source is not needed to use POV-Ray. It is provided for the
curious and adventurous.

POVSRC.LZH - The C source code for POV-Ray.

For UNIX, VMS, & Others:
Required: A C compiler for your computer and some knowledge
of how to use it.

Optional: X Windows if you want the '+d' option to do anything.
Digital calls this 'DECWindows'.
You will need the DECWindows include files as well.
(The '+d' option lets you see a preview of a scene
as it is being traced).

Files required:
POVDOC.ZIP or POVDOC.TAR - The documentation for and essential data
files POV-Ray
POVSCN.ZIP or POVSCN.TAR - The example scene files for POV-Ray
POVSRC.ZIP or POVSRC.TAR - The C source code for POV-Ray


In the POVDOC archive is the file POVRAY.DOC which contains details
on installing and using POV-Ray. Specific instructions for
using POV-Ray with your computer are included with the executable.
This file also houses the essential "include" files containing predefed
colors, shapes, and textures.

** POV-Ray is copyrighted freeware written by the POV-Team.
** It may be freely distributed subject to the restrictions
** defined in POVLEGAL.DOC found in the POVDOC archive.
** POV-Ray is NOT public domain software.

POV-Ray is based on DKBTrace 2.12 by David K. Buck and Aaron A. Collins.

The POV-Team is a collection of volunteer programmers, designers,
animators and artists meeting via electronic mail on Compuserve's
GRAPHDEV forum, sections 8 (POV Sources), and 9 (POV Images).
(GRAPHDEV is also the home of the very popular Fractint and its authors the
Stone Soup Group.)

The POV-Team's goal is to create freely distributable, high
quality rendering and animation software written in C that can be

easily ported to many different computers.

If you have any questions about POV-Ray, please contact

Chris Young
[POV-Team Coordinator]

CIS: 76702,1655
Internet: 76702,1655

Where to find the POV-Ray files

Graphics Developer Forum on CompuServe
POV-Ray headquarters are on CompuServe GRAPHDEV forum
Raytracing sections. We meet there to share info and
graphics and discuss raytracing, fractals and other kinds of
computer art. GRAPHDEV is also the home of the Stone Soup
Group, developers of Fractint, a popular IBM-PC fractal
program. Everyone is welcome to join in on the action on CIS
GRAPHDEV. Hope to see you there! You can get information on
joining CompuServe by calling (800)848-8990. CompuServe
access is also available in Japan, Europe and many other

PC Graphics area on America On-Line
There's an area now on America On-Line dedicated to POV-Ray
support and information. You can find it in the PC Graphics
section of AOL. Jump keyword "PCGRAPHICS". This area
includes the Apple Macintosh executables also. It is best if
messages are left in the "Company Support" section. Currently,
Bill Pulver (BPulver) is our representative there.

The POV-Ray files are also available over Internet by
anonymous FTP from (

You Can Call Me Ray BBS in Chicago
There is a ray-trace specific BBS in the (708) Area Code
(Chicago suburbia, United States) for all you Traceaholics
out there. The phone number of this BBS is (708)
358-5611. Bill Minus is the sysop and Aaron Collins is
co-sysop of that board, and it's filled with interesting

The Graphics Alternative (TGA) BBS in El Cerrito, CA.
For those on the West coast, you may want to find the
POV-Ray files on The Graphics Alternative BBS. It's a great
graphics BBS run by Adam Shiffman. TGA is high quality, active and
progressive BBS system which offers both quality messaging and
files to its 1300+ users.

510-524-2780 (PM14400FXSA v.32bis 14.4k, Public)
510-524-2165 (USR DS v.32bis/HST 14.4k, Subscribers)

TGA BBS serves as the central hub for a large network of
graphics-oriented BBS systems around the world. Following is a
concise listing of active PCGNet nodes at the time of this
writing. The POV-Team can neither vouch for the currency of this
information, nor verify that any of these boards may carry

AZCAD BBS Melbourne, Australia +61-3-481-6873
CAD Connection Montesson, France +33-1-3053-4110
CAD/Engineering Services Gallatin, TN 615-451-2872
Convergence Spline BBS Richmond, B.C., Canada 604-275-3462
The Drawing Board BBS Anchorage, Alaska 907-349-5412
Granite BBS St. Cloud, Minnesota 612-654-8194
The Graphics Alternative El Cerrito, CA 510-524-2780
The Graphics Connection Wellington, New Zealand +64-4-473-0981
Joe's CODE BBS West Bloomfield, MI 313-855-0894
PC-AUG BBS Phoenix, AZ 602-952-0638
Raytech BBS Sutherland, Scotland +44-86288-340
Route 66 Solutions Albuquerque, NM 505-294-4543
SAUG BBS Bellevue, WA 206-644-7115
TERN Solution BBS Nepean, Ontario Canada 613-228-0539
The University BBS Shrewsbury Twp, NJ 908-544-8193
Xaqute BBS Studio City, CA 818-980-2685
Zillius BBS! St. Paul, France +33-9332-0505

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