Dec 092017
Pre-release version of a new GIF file viewer. Version to BETA test only.
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Pre-release version of a new GIF file viewer. Version to BETA test only.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

* A note to 0.5 version eta testers: please, only distribute RPIC to
people you feel would be good beta testers in the sense they are
experienced enough with GIFs and have a good base of equipment and
GIF files to test the software with, as well as enough capability as
to report bugs back to me. Everyone who helps me substantially with
RPIC will receive a free registered copy of the final release
version. Thank you in advance. I really appreciate your time and

0.5 First eta release.
This version is the first eta release, not meant for general

It doesn't yet support the autoconfiguring of RPIC by means of
the -0 switch. When used, the -0 switch will default to the
non-standard VGA 320x400x256 maximum resolution configuration.
That will be fix shortly.

Support for GIF89a files is still partial. Comment blocks are
fully supported, as are delay blocks and user input. Full
textual data support is on the works.

It doesn't yet support the writing of GIF files.

eta tests have been run only on computers equipped with Video
Seven adapters. All other adapters supported are UNTESTED, and
therefore, likely to fail. That's what beta tester volunteers
are for.

RPICHELP.COM is not yet 'developed'. So far, RPIC05.EXE is
distributed with RPIC.COM, RPIC.DOC and README.TXT. Also, the
manual is incomplete (you probably figured that out) and in a
rough-form. I'm working on that too.

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