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A VGA PAINT program, 320x200x256 mode. Slow on 8088, but interesting fe.
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A VGA PAINT program, 320x200x256 mode. Slow on 8088, but interesting fe.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
LOGO.VGA 50591 2107 deflated
MENU.VGA 28491 1752 deflated
VGA.PAL 1031 384 deflated
VGAP11.DOC 1228 677 deflated
VGAP11.EXE 121517 65779 deflated
VGAPAINT.DOC 16558 4981 deflated

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Contents of the VGAP11.DOC file


1. There was a bug in the "elipse" shape which prevented replicating the
exact size of a previous elipse, and which sometimes collapsed
(irreveocably) the elipse into a line. This has been fixed.

2. If a MOVE or COPY was made and the resulting image was not moved, the
dotted copy box sometimes remained on screen. This has been fixed.

3. The use of TEXT fouled up the operation of MOVE, making it act like
COPY. This has been fixed.

4. TEXT now permits 255 characters to be entered (6+ lines). This is a
simple BASIC "Line Input" function, so it is treated as one logical
line, with only "backup and retype" editing permitted.

5. TEXT: if the currently-selected color is the same as the background
color, a warning message is printed on the screen.

6. FILL will now fill single pixels. It still will not fill vertical
lines that are only one pixel wide.

7. Error trapping is improved, a little. If an error occurs (heaven
forbid) try pressing the last button pressed until the error goes

8. VGAP11.EXE does not require the PAL.VGA file.


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