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Dtp/graphics cga/ega/vga many fonts, can use Mac pics. over 600k unzippe.
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Dtp/graphics cga/ega/vga many fonts, can use Mac pics. over 600k unzippe.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


Release version S2.00

November 1987

Copyright (c) 1987 Up & Running Personal Computer Solutions
All rights reserved.

Symbol Designs is a trademark of Up & Running Personal Computer Solutions.

Apple Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Computers Inc.

Printshop is a trademark of Pixellite Software.

Printmaster is a trademark of Unison World Inc.

MS-Paint & MS-DOS are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

IBM is a trademark of International Business Machines.

I've arced all the files into two files. The files in the arc DISK-1
need to remain with the SYM-DSGN.EXE file. The files in the arc DISK-2 can
reside on another disk or directory if desired. If you don't have a hard drive
in your system, you can keep the SYM-DSGN.HLP file on a separate disk and only
insert it before you request help. Speaking of requesting help, the file
SYM-DSGN.HLP holds the documentation to the program and is viewed by pressing
[F1] while selecting a command from the Command Library. I have left the last
chapter of this help file for anything you wish to put in it. One thing to
remember is not to change the format. Meaning, each line is 60 characters and
should remain 60 characters, each page is 16 lines and should remain 16 lines,
and you cannot use tabs. Other than that you can enter whatever text you like.
You should refrain from putting text in the empty pages of the document as they
will be filled in as newer versions are released. Just to be on the safe side,
make a backup of SYM-DSGN.HLP before attempting to edit it.

Thank you,

Robert Wood
CEO, Up & Running
Personal Computer Solutions

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