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TED is a full screen line editor that operates entirely within AutoCAD. Full Lisp source code is included.
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TED is a full screen line editor that operates entirely within AutoCAD. Full Lisp source code is included.
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Contents of the TED.DOC file

TED Version 2.1a Manual

AutoCAD and AutoLISP are registered trademarks of AutoDesk, Inc.

--------------------------------< Notice >--------------------------------

TED 2.1a (see list of files) are being introduced as shareware software
for use with AutoCAD. You may copy and distribute these files freely
provided a) no fee is charged and b) all of the files are distributed
together in their original, unmodified form. Please use TED.ARC file for
uploading to bulletin boards and such.

If you like TED and find it useful, your $40 registration fee would be
greatly appreciated. Registration form is at end of document. Registered
owners will receive TED 2.1b, bug fixes and will be notified of future
releases. Further updates to TED 2.1b will be made available to all
registered owners for the cost of materials, shipping and handling (i.e $3)
or the difference in list price.

Please observe that TED is not 'freeware'. If you use TED, you must
register. The trial period is limited strictly to two weeks. TED must be
registered for each computer that it is installed on.

Corporate rates and site licensing are available. Write or call Alacrity
for information. If your company or school needs an invoice to process an
order, one can easily (even cheerfully) be provided.

You may reference the TED routine from within your own AutoCAD menus
observing the following a) the copyright notice is left intact b) TED is
not distributed in whole or in part in any manner with any other package.

----------------------------< Introduction >-------------------------------

Pretend I typed this in in AutoCAD: "Oops?? i maked lotts of mixtakez in
my drawling." Oh darn! No problem, really. I can just use CHANGE to retype
the whole thing over again. Right...?

Introducing TED! TED gives AutoCAD users the ability to use the type of
functions found in wordprocessors to edit AutoCAD text entities. What this
means is an increase in productivity and a decrease in frustration.

TED is actually a full screen line editor. It operates entirely within
AutoCAD. TED does NOT import text, does NOT shell outside of AutoCAD and
does NOT use scripts. TED is by far easier to use than any change text or
export/import utility. And TED now uses the cursor keys (without Ctrl!).

----------------------------< Installation >-------------------------------

For the first time that we use TED, lets make it REAL easy to sort out any
potential problems. Lots of times, various menus and Lisp routines just
don't mesh too well. So we'll try to keep everything 'vanilla'. Just
follow along and everything will be fine. (I am assuming that all of the
TED files are on a disk in drive A:, C:\ACAD is your AutoCAD directory and
that you have some experience with DOS).

Copyright 1988 Alacrity Page 1 of 5
TED Version 2.1a Manual

---< Copying Files >---

You will need a directory to put all of the TED support files. Create a
directory named C:\ALACRITY. At the DOS prompt:

> C:

Copy all of the TED files on the disk in drive A: into the C:\ALACRITY


---< ANSI.SYS >---

You absolutely MUST have the ANSI.SYS driver loaded in your system. If
you're not sure, type at the DOS prompt:


You MUST have the line "DEVICE=ANSI.SYS" in there somewhere. If it doesn't
appear or you don't even have a CONFIG.SYS:


You MUST have the file ANSI.SYS in the root directory. You can find a copy
of ANSI.SYS on your DOS disk if no where else.

If you had to add the line "DEVICE=ANSI.SYS" driver to your CONFIG.SYS
file, you MUST reboot the computer.

> [Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Del]

---< AutoCAD Enviroment >---

The enviroment variables LISPHEAP and LISPSTACK must be set to 30000 and
15000, respectively, before entering AutoCAD. The batch file TED.BAT will
do this. Run the TED batch file to initialize the AutoCAD enviroment. It
will print "DONE" when it is done. At the DOS prompt:


---< ACAD.LSP >---

Having an ACAD.LSP may interfere (temporarily) with getting TED up and
running for the first time. Find out if you have an ACAD.LSP. Type at the
DOS prompt:


If you have an ACAD.LSP file. Type at the DOS prompt:


Copyright 1988 Alacrity Page 2 of 5
TED Version 2.1a Manual

NOTE: You will want to REN ACAD_OLD.LSP ACAD.LSP after making sure that
TED works in your system.

---< Enter AutoCAD >---

Start AutoCAD. Please make sure that you are not using any memory resident
programs (i.e. SideKick, MODE, PRINT ...), or anything else that might
mess up AutoCAD.


---< AutoCAD Screen Configuration >---

Some display drivers allow the user to use multiple pages. This is
undesirable because when configured for multiple pages, the text page is
actually a graghics screen displaying text. The screen controls used in
TED will not work on a graphics screen. If you are using a single monitor
(i.e. EGA, VGA, etc...) setup, type from the Main Menu:

> 5 (Configure AutoCAD)
> 3 (Configure video display)
> Hit [ENTER] until "Do you want to use multiple pages?"
> NO
> 0 (Exit to Main Menu)
> YES ("Keep configuration changes?")

---< Test Drive >---

From the Main Menu in AutoCAD:

> 1 (Begin a NEW drawing)

When AutoCAD is all set. Type at the command prompt:


Create some text entities. Here's some useful examples:

Command: TEXT 1,4 0.5 0 My life is a dog.
Command: TEXT 1,3 0.5 0 Green eggs and ham.
Command: TEXT 1,2 0.5 0 TED makes text fun!

Use TED for the first time.

Command: TED

Select text entities to edit. The TED 2.1a screen will look similiar to:

TED 2.1a (c)1988 Alacrity F2ModifyNAJoinNABreakNACopyNAPasteNAUprNALower
Insert Line 1 Column 1 < > ^ V Home End Ins Del BSpace TAB ShftTAB ESC


Copyright 1988 Alacrity Page 3 of 5
TED Version 2.1a Manual

The top line has the name TED, the copyright and a list of function keys.
The second line down has the insert mode, line number, column number, and
a list of the cursor control keys. The third line down is the command line
and is left blank. The fourth line down has the tab stops. And the
remaining lines are the text entities that you've selected.

The reverse video shows what function key to press for that option. The
'NA' means 'Not Available'. Those options are available when you register.

-----------------------------< KeyStrokes >-------------------------------

Now that you have TED up and running here is a list of the function keys
in TED 2.1a:
[F2] - Modify text entity
[Del] - Delete character under cursor
[Ins] - Toggle insert ON/OFF Ctrl
[Left Arrow] - Left one character
[Right Arrow] - Right one character
[Up Arrow] - Up one line
[Down Arrow] - Down one line
[Home] - Beginning of line
[End] - End of line
[TAB] - Next tab stop right
[Shift]-[TAB] - Next tab stop left
[Backspace] - Delete character left of cursor
[ENTER] - Down one line
[ESC] - Quit

The following functions are available in TED 2.1b:

[F3] - Join text entities
[F4] - Break text entity at cursor position
[F5] - Copy text to buffer
[F6] - Paste text in buffer to cursor position
[F7] - Toggle string to lower case
[F8] - Toggle string to upper case

NOTE: NEVER press [F1] key, since this flips the screen.
NOTE: If you do accidently do find yourself in the graphics screen, either
use the Modify text entity function, [F2], to regen the editing
screen. Or escape, [ESC], to exit TED.

---------------------------< Nitty & Gritty >-----------------------------

TED 2.1a will only let fifteen lines be edited at one time. TED doesn't
except anything past 79 characters per text entity.

For those with AutoLISP technical experience: TED 2.1a takes up about 1400
nodes. This may crowd out other lisp routines. If you experience the
dreaded 'Insufficient node space' error you can try a) use the CLEAN
function found in the AutoLISP reference manual every time the
'insufficient node space' error occurs or b) execute the (vmon) AutoLISP

Copyright 1988 Alacrity Page 4 of 5
TED Version 2.1a Manual

command after starting a drawing to start the virtual pager. Make sure
that you have LISPHEAP 30000, LISPSTACK 15000 and ACADFREERAM 20 (or
24) set or else it'll take more than a crow bar to make TED work.

It is easier to use TED by having it load with a menu macro. Here's an
example macro:

[TextEDit]^C^C(if (null C:TED) (load "C:/ALACRITY/TED"));TED

Remember: the more lisp programs you have in memory, the slower they will

----------------------------< What's New? >-------------------------------

TED 2.1a new features:
- uses the cursor keys!

TED 2.1b new features (everything for 2.1a, plus):
- edit 20 lines at a time

TED 2.0a new features:
- better screen layout
- eliminates screen flipping between lines
- Modify function regens screen
- uses [Ctrl]-cursor key combinations
- optional update when quitting
- easier to install
- extensive program commenting

TED 2.0b new features (everything for 2.0a, plus):
- create new text (similiar to DTEXT)
- join, break text entities
- block copy, cut and paste for text
- toggle upper, lower case for entire string

----------------------------< List Of Files >------------------------------

TED.LSP .......... The Incredible Text Editor
TED.DOC .......... This file
TED.BAT .......... AutoCAD enviroment initialization
TED.SYS .......... For those without ANSI.SYS in CONFIG.SYS
TED.ARC .......... To give to all your friends

----------------------------< Stay In Touch! >-----------------------------

If you are having trouble getting TED to work just right for you, I am more
than happy to help. Please contact me through CompuServe or write to me.

Jason Osgood
12405 SE 25th St
Bellevue, WA 98005
CompuServe ID: 73417,1756

Copyright 1988 Alacrity Page 5 of 5

------------------------< Registration Form >-----------------------------

To register ownership of TED 2.1a, print out and complete the following
form. Include a check or money order for $40 per copy (US dollars,
Washington residents add 8.1% sales tax) and mail to:

12405 SE 25th St.
Bellevue WA, 98005

Name: _______________________________________________________

Title: _______________________________________________________

Company: _______________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City: __________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________

Phone: (______) _______________ Date: ________________________

AutoCAD version/machine type: __________________________________

Number of copies: _____

How did you here about TED 2.1a: ______________________________

End Of File

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