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Contents of the READMAC.DOC file

This program has been written so that you may download pictures created
on a Macintosh (TM) computer using Macpaint (TM) and display them
on the IBM as well as print them on a dot matrix printer.

The follwing hardware is required: IBM PC or XT with 128K minimum
Color Graphics Adapter
Parallel Printer Port (if printing desired)
Dot Matrix Printer (if printing desired)

The following commands are available:

Up arrow ----- Moves the picture up 1 pixel row (very slow)
PgUp ----- Moves the picture up 10 pixel rows (much faster)
Down arrow --- Moves the picture down 1 pixel row (very slow)
PgDn ----- Moves the picture down 10 pixel rows (much faster)
L ----- Loads a new picture (you may enter filespec up to 80 char.)
P ----- Allows you to choose one of the following to print the picture
1) For an Epson series printer
2) For an NEC 8023, Apple DMP, or compatible
3) Star Gemini 10
4) Other (These print commands must be set with the 'S' command)
S ----- Set the following commands for the OTHER printer

Set Line Spacing at 8/72 inch
Send 576 graphic characters
Set Line Spacing to 1/8 inch

NOTE: This Command is only neccesary if you do NOT have 1,2, or 3
in the choice of printers. Those three are set up in the

NOTE: These commands should be entered WITHOUT the preceding
ESCape code. That will be put in by the program.
For example, if the code for 576 graphics characters is

ESC"*";chr$(4);chr$(64);chr$(2) (the Epson command)

You would need to enter


The means hold down the Alt key on the lower left
of the keyboard and while holding it press the following
three digits on the numeric keypad.

The means press the return key.

E ----- Return to DOS Command level

**** NOTE: The file OTHER.PRT must be on the disk with READMAC.COM.

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