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VGA Color Screen Display - "C" Source Available.
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VGA Color Screen Display – “C” Source Available.
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Contents of the VGAGLOW.TXT file

No, this is not a Fractint clone, but it can produce some interesting results.

Usage: VGAGLOW [filename] [ - / options]

Example: VGAGLOW test.dta /M /9

This will look for test.dta in the current directory and if found
display it as a moderate animation speed type "4" color display.

If test.dta is not found, a new test.dta color display will be
created, saved, than displayed at moderate animation speed.

if the filename is omitted, it will default to VGAGLOW.DTA this will be the
file which the program will display then animate. If cannot be
found, the program will begin to generate a color display and will then save
that image to before animating it.

On my machine the animation tends to run too fast at the default animation,
so I have added /S /M /F options for slow moderate and fast animation display.
The options /S /M and /F are all slower than the default.

Just to make life a little bit more interesting then plain toast,
I have added options /1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 which should each produce
eight slightly different color display palettes and a /9 option has been
added that will produce a radically different and mutating color palette.

I don't plan many more enhancements to this program as the Fractint program is
widely available and although much larger than this, it is also much more
elaborate .

I have posted the "C" source code as, on our local BBS,

Dr. Sned's RBBS

Please upload any modifications (or any other snips of C code),
and while your there, enjoy 12 CD Rom's at no charge and no ratio's!

Fido-Net 1:3649/15

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