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Plot ANY function (X,Y,Z,values) in 3D. Scaled, increments, etc.
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Plot ANY function (X,Y,Z,values) in 3D. Scaled, increments, etc.
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BY Joe Martin
Ft. Walton Bch. FL 32548

3D Graph is a 3 dimensional equation plotter. Plotted on an imaginary
xyz coordinate system. You have the ability to rotate the graph,
determine the object to image perspective distances, adjust the X and Y
ranges as well as their increments, state translations of both the X
and the Y axes and scale on both X and Y axes.

So experiment with the default equation then try some of the others at
the end of the doc.

Z:=2*COS(0.1*(X^2+Y^2)) The equation may be edited with backspace,
cursor keys, and the home key

YRot: Rotate along Y axis suggested range (-1.0 thru 1.0)
XRot: Rotate along X axis range (0.6 - 1.4)
Obj : distance of object from origin (20-100)
Im : distance of Image(screen) from origin (500-1000)

XRan: most equations should have a range of 10 which means (-10 to 10)
YRan: most equations should have a range of 10 which means (-10 to 10)
XInc: the step value of the loop (2.0 to 0.25)

XTr : X Translation factor (200)
YTr : Y Translation factor (100)

ScX : Scale X (2.0)
ScY : Scale Y (1.0)

When you have made the adjustments ESC will start the plot.
Some error checking is done but overflow errors will crash the system.

Try these:

Z := 0.2*(0.1*(X/Y)^2-0.1*(Y/X)^2)+6*EXP(-1.9*(X^2+Y^2))
YRot:0.8 XRot:1.8 XRange:4 YRange:5 Obj:45 Im:900

Z := 0.5*(-0.1*(X/Y)^2-0.3*(Y/X)^2)+8*EXP(-0.1*(X^2+Y^2))
YRot:0.8 XRot:1.4 XRange:10 YRange:10 Obj:75 Im:900

Z := 0.02*(X*X*Y/X/Y)
YRot:0.3 XRot:1.2 XRange:10 YRange:10 Obj:50 Im:800

Z := 1/12*(SIN(X)*SIN(Y))
YRot:0.6 XRot:0.8 XRange:4 YRange:4 Obj:45 Im:900

Z := 2*COS(0.1*(X^2+Y^2))-2*SIN(0.1*(X^2+Y^2))
YRot:0.3 XRot:1.2 XRange:10 YRange:10 Obj:50 Im:750

Z := 0.5*(0.2*(X/Y)^2-0.2*(Y/X)^2)
YRot:0.3 XRot:1.8 XRange:10 YRange:10 Obj:45 Im:900

Z := 3*SIN(-0.05*(X^2-Y^2))-2*COS(0.1*(X^2+Y^2))
YRot:-0.6 XRot:1.2 XRange:10 YRange:10 Obj:50 Im:550

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