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Large collection of Print Master Icons. 2 of 4.
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Large collection of Print Master Icons. 2 of 4.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DIR-FAT.SDR 2016 701 deflated
DIR-FAT.SHP 72702 31915 deflated
FAT-GIR.SDR 2016 720 deflated
FAT-GIR.SHP 72702 31668 deflated
GIR-HOW.SDR 2016 720 deflated
GIR-HOW.SHP 72702 30700 deflated
HUE-LAM.SDR 2016 678 deflated
HUE-LAM.SHP 72702 28039 deflated
ICONS.DOC 925 560 deflated

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Contents of the ICONS.DOC file

The files "ICONSxx.ARC" contain PrintMaster libraries that
collectively represent over 2000 alphabetized icons. The
file names indicate the bounds on the icons in that library
(i.e. "FAT-GIR" contains icons ranging from "FATHER SON" to
"girl and dog". All of the icons were downloaded from BBS's
around the country and are assumed to be in the Public Domain.
There are a few duplicate icons (e.g. "!" and "Exclamation"),
but the number of these has hopefully been kept to a minimum.
Since the number of icons is exceedingly large, a complete,
alphabetized hardcopy has been generated to easily find the
desired icon. To obtain a copy, send five dollars cash check,
or money order (to cover copying and postage) to:

Ken Thompson
P.O. Box 27877
St. Louis, MO 63146

Be sure to include a complete return mailing address. Special
thanks to Bob Carr whose libraries provided many of the icons.

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