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Very good Mandelbrot fractal generator. Demo version.
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Very good Mandelbrot fractal generator. Demo version.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Here are a couple of things to know until you decide to give in and
read the documentation:

-- ANSI.SYS must be loaded; that is, there has to be a line in your
CONFIG.SYS file saying "device=ansi.sys" and ANSI.SYS has to be
present in your boot directory.

-- You can get pictures much more quickly if you set "Width" in the
Alt-N box at 200 or 300 or so. This is the way to move rapidly
deeper and deeper into the Set. Without a math coprocessor,
progress is slow at magnifications above 300,000.

-- The cursor and aiming frame move much faster when the Shift key
is held down. On keyboards with two sets of arrow keys, experiment
with both the Shift and Num Lock keys to find out what works.

-- Make a small (Width = 200) picture with a Tally File to explore
the meaning of the high and low color steps and the step shift

-- MBSET.MS and MBSET.DAT are an EGA picture of the entire
Mandelbrot set. If you are running VGA, create the ME.VID file (see
the documentation), remove MBSET.MS and MBSET.DAT from the
directory, and type MEDEMO at the DOS prompt. MBSET.PIC works at
all resolutions.

-- You may give copies of this archive to other people or upload
it to bulletin boards. Nevertheless, the program Mandelbrot
Explorer, its source code and documentation remain the exclusive
property of the author.

-- Being able to save pictures is worth $30.

Peter Garrison
1613 Altivo Way
Los Angeles, CA 90026
213 665 1397

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