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Morphing program that morphs RAW triangle format files for raytracers such as POVRAY v2.1, VIVID, POLYRAY, and many other popular raytracers.

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RAWMorph by Steven Cox, VC Graphics
v0.2 - RAWMorph morphs two RAW
file objects for animations. It
inputs and output RAW files. You
will need a post-processing program
like SandPaper to make any use of
RAWMorph. Please upload all of
your animations to TGA! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Morphing program that morphs RAW triangle format files for raytracers such as POVRAY v2.1, VIVID, POLYRAY, and many other popular raytracers.
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Contents of the RAWMORPH.DOC file

RAWMorph 0.2 by Steven Cox, VC Graphics
RAWMorph is a morphing animation generator for RAW files. It simply takes
two objects and averages the differences over a specified number of frames.
Right now RAWMorph inputs and outputs only RAW files. It also generates all of
the frames at one time. To keep the code simple, I didn't bother with testing
for garble in the RAW files. So, if there are comment lines, erase them.
There cannot be anything but the vertex data in there. The morphing works best
if the vertices of the objects are centered on the same axis, otherwise you
will have triangles flying everywhere! Also, another hint to limit the
triangles from flying everywhere (ie for a smooth morph), use two objects with
the same number of triangles, and use a program that will put the vertices in
the same order, like from top to bottom. That way the triangle is not being
moved, but just scaled, resulting in a smooth morph. Now I've jabbered on

about god only knows what. Let's continue. ๐Ÿ™‚
So how does it work you ask? Load it up. It is self-explanitory. Simply
follow the instructions and you'll be just fine. The only thing I should
tell you is to limit your OUTPUT filenames to 4 characters. RAWMorph adds
the frame number like so: 000, 001, 002 etc.
Look for future releases. If you have questions, comments, or cool
animations made by this program, I can be contacted on The Graphics Alternative
(510)524-2780. Please do share you creations with me, I'd like to see what
everyone is doing with RAWMorph.

This is a bunch of BS, but there are some real jerks out there who would
sue me for their own stupid mistakes, so here: I'm not liable for any
damages or losses by this program. You can distribute RAWMorph freely, and
there is no registration fee. If you feel this program is worth something,
let me know what new features you'd like to see, or better yet, send money. ๐Ÿ™‚
Distributers cannot charge any more than $5 for this program to cover disk
and shipping costs.

Revision History
Version 0.2, September 9, 1993
Public release beta version
Fixed a few minor bugs

Version 0.1, September 2, 1993
Initial beta version
Inputs and outputs RAW files only
Uses VCAM algorithm

Planned Improvements
Improvements for Version 1.0
Fix math bug that creates excess triangles
Allow input to be done from the command line
Smooth triangle normal calculator
Raytracer output (Vivid and PoV)
Raytracer input (Vivid and PoV)
An option to generate one frame at a time, this way we can save more of
that precious hard drive space

Improvement Wish List
Liquid morphing
Triangle alignment system: less flying triangles in other words
Special effects (ie Warp as you morph etc)
Surface and texture morphing
Insert extra triangles where needed to create a smoother object

Happy Morphing,
Steven Cox
VC Graphics

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