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Fractal Sampler. This is a hypertext file that gives a brief intro to fractals and the use of Fractint. Includes five fractal formula files to be run with Fractint. VGA required.
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Fractal Sampler. This is a hypertext file that gives a brief intro to fractals and the use of Fractint. Includes five fractal formula files to be run with Fractint. VGA required.
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Download File FRACSAM.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file


Fractal Sampler is two things. It is a hypertext introduction to
fractals, using FRACTINT, and it includes five short demo files
that allow you to generate some fractals from the FRACTINT
command line. The introduction simply encourages you to use
FRACTINT and to use its accompanying documentation.

HYPERTEXT AND THE MOUSE: The hypertext file operates on the user
selecting a marked area and either pressing the F1 function key
or clicking with the left mouse button. This action will expand
into a window of additional comments or information. You may
return to the original document or close a note window by either
pressing Esc. or clicking the right mouse button.

REQUIREMENT: Whether you use a mouse or the cursor and
the F1/Esc key combination, you MUST be within the
boundaries of the hypertext window for the Esc key or
the right mouse button to return you to the main

USING THIS SOFTWARE: You should unzip this file onto one
directory or a 720k, 1.2 or 1.44 floppy (for faster runtime use
a hard disk). All of the files in FRACSAM.ZIP should be together same floppy. Once you have done this, load you mouse driver, if
on the same directory or diskette. A mouse is helpful, if you
use one, then install your mouse before running the Fractal Sampler.

TO START FRACTAL SAMPLER: At the system prompt (make sure
your are on the correct drive or directory) type DO and
and Press ENTER.

NOTE: The fractal formlula files are archived under
FTEASE.ZIP and will need to be unzipped and included in
your FRACTINT directory. FLIST.TXT shows the complete
set up of files for using Fractint and the FTEASE files.

downloaded FRACTINT from your BBS, usually listed as FRAINT.EXE
or FTINT151.ZIP (this is the latest version of FRACTINT), and
unzip it (again see FLIST.TXT for the files you will need).
When this is done, go to the directory containing these files,
AND your FTEASE files and do the following:

At the command prompt enter:

Fractint @filename.ext and press ENTER.

{Filename=F1.fil or F2.fil, etc through F5.fil}

Fractint will start and will begin to generate your fractal.
Give this some time, because, depending upon which FX.Fil you
select the fractal generation time will vary. Please see the
notes in FRACSAM for more information on each of these formulas.

Each formula file is complete, in that it will name and save
each fractal that it generates (When it finishes, it will return
you to the command prompt.). These image files are saved as
GIF files and may be recalled using Fractint and the name of the
image file (NO EXTENSION) as follows:

Fractint (imagename) ENTER

You can then use all of the Fractint tools to play with this
fractal. Enjoy!


FRACTAL SAMPLER is freeware; however, it is copyrighted. You
may freely distribute it, so long as you include all of the
files contained in FRACSAM.ZIP. You may not distribute it with
any other program for which you collect a fee.

ARIES KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS and Waddell Robey offer no warranties,
expressed or implied and assume no liability for the use of this

Waddell Robey
Aries Knowledge Systems
327 Scott Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

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