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Generate detailed maps of any area of the United States.
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Generate detailed maps of any area of the United States.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
1_FIRST.MAP 2232 943 deflated
2_SFZIP.MAP 1120 479 deflated
30DEMO.ABF 1830 983 deflated
3_SFZIP.MAP 2329 883 deflated
4_SFZIP.MAP 2616 939 deflated
5_HWYS.MAP 7694 2247 deflated
6_SALES.MAP 1162 502 deflated
AG.EXE 6785 3357 deflated
ATL.HLP 67765 14992 deflated
ATL.MNU 22306 4005 deflated
ATLAS.EXE 293111 151877 deflated
ATLASFNT.FNT 49612 31436 deflated
ATLASPRO.ID 50 50 stored
ATLASSYS.CNF 256 152 deflated
ATLASSYS.ID 49 49 stored
ATLASSYS.TXT 16126 4816 deflated
BLANK1.MAP 1134 411 deflated
BLANK2.MAP 1135 414 deflated
BNDYEDIT.ID 45 45 stored
CURRENT.MAP 3045 1226 deflated
DATAEDIT.ID 45 45 stored
DEFAULT.MAP 3045 1225 deflated
DEMO.BAT 1582 478 deflated
DISPLAY.DRV 11497 6885 deflated
HALOHERC.DRV 8897 5563 deflated
HALOIBME.DRV 11497 6885 deflated
HALOIBMG.DRV 9455 5844 deflated
HALOIBMV.DRV 12966 7902 deflated
HY29071.ABF 3468 2166 deflated
HY29099.ABF 3448 2165 deflated
HY29183.ABF 2152 1197 deflated
HY29189.ABF 3480 2082 deflated
HY29510.ABF 2172 1133 deflated
RD29071.ABF 1880 803 deflated
RD29099.ABF 11048 5560 deflated
RD29183.ABF 6624 3311 deflated
RD29189.ABF 11672 6295 deflated
RD29510.ABF 2328 1191 deflated
SALETERR.ABF 12118 9719 deflated
SALETERR.DAT 81 57 deflated
SALETERR.FMT 35 35 stored
SFZIP-CP.DAT 775 265 deflated
SFZIP-CP.FMT 180 125 deflated
SFZIPS.ABF 11018 5108 deflated
SFZIPS.DAT 389 143 deflated
SFZIPS.FMT 107 80 deflated
STLOUIS.ALF 111 64 deflated
STLOUIS.CMT 772 368 deflated
STLOUIS.LAB 5405 1448 deflated
STLOUIS.ZOO 55 44 deflated
US50POP.DAT 1783 653 deflated
US50POP.FMT 70 62 deflated
USSTATE.ABF 28558 19558 deflated
UTILITY.ID 128 48 deflated

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Contents of the ATLASSYS.TXT file

"[email protected]# Atlas library -----------------------------------------------------"
"Press ENTER."
" Enter name of "
" file to "
" is a reserved device name. Are you sure: No Yes"
"Sorting filenames...Insufficient memory to display all file names."
" file "
" already exists, overwrite it: No Yes"
" Type filename (no ext.) and ENTER, or press ENTER only to get a filename menu."
" =Switch between name and path F1=Help F3= ESC=Quit"
" Filename Menu, use - - to highlight filename then press ENTER to select."
" F1=Help PGDN=Next Page PGUP=Previous Page ESC=Return to filename prompt"
" Current path: "
"ENTER or PGDN = Next Page, PGUP = Previous Page, ESC = Quit"
"must be unused"
" Insert "
" Replace "
"Unable to load printer driver, screen dumps will not be possible."
"Screen dump failed, error code: "
"Printer is off-line, screen dump failed."
"load "
"save "
"[email protected]# file error err ----------------------------------------------------"
"Disk full."
"Disk not ready."
"Disk media error."
"Disk write-protected."
"Invalid filename: "
"Bad file contents: "
"File not found: "
"Too many files."
"Plotter not available."
"Plotter not turned on (I/O error)."
"Path not found: "
"Correct the error, retry: No Yes"
"Insufficient memory to load boundary file."
"Boundary file is damaged: "
"Access denied: "
"[email protected]#menus mnu ------------------------------------------------------------"
" Boundary Data Legend Text Zoom Config Mapfile Plot Slide Help Quit"
"Boundary: Single List"
"Data: File Variable Ranges"
"Legend: Titles Fill Descriptions Options View Save Load"
"Text: Labels Comments"
"Zoom: In Out Restore Save Load"
"Configure: Map Plotter"
"Mapfile: Save Load Current"
"Plot: Display Plotter File HPGL_file Overlay"
"Slide: Save Load Print"
"Get on-line help on a particular help topic."
"Quit: No Yes"
"Specify the data file, load a variable, and assign ranges."
"Load a new variable from the current data file, and assign ranges."
"Ranges: Assign Save Load"
"Set the map type, and assign data ranges or dot value."
"Save the current data ranges/dot value to a range file."
"Load the data ranges/dot value from a range file."
"Enter the map title, subtitle, and legend heading."
"Set the hatch pattern, line style, or symbol for each data range."
"Enter the range or dot description(s) for the legend."
"Set the legend options (spacing, order, number format, etc.)."
"View the legend on the computer's display."
"Save the current legend to a legend file."
"Load the legend from a legend file."
"Labels: Edit Options Reset Save Load"
"Comments: Edit Clear Save Load"
"Hide/show, move, and rotate individual map labels."
"Set the label options (contents, position, and format)."
"Move all labels back to their original positions."
"Save the current label positions to a label file."
"Load the label positions from a label file."
"Add, delete, edit, and move text, symbols, and lines."
"Delete all comments."
"Save the current comments to a comment file."
"Clear current comments, then load new comments from a comment file."
"Zoom in to a portion of the map, to see that portion up close."
"Zoom out from the map, to see more of the map."
"Restore: Center Left Right Top Bottom"
"Save the current zoom window to a zoom file."
"Load the zoom window from a zoom file."
"Restore the entire map, centered within the map area."
"Restore the entire map, left-justified within the map area."
"Restore the entire map, right-justified within the map area."
"Restore the entire map, top-justified within the map area."
"Restore the entire map, bottom-justified within the map area."
"Map: Contents Boundaries Placement"
"Plotter: Options Placement"
"Turn the various map components on/off, and set the legend placement."
"Set the colors and line styles for each single boundary file."
"Set the placement of the map area on the entire plot."
"Set the plotter options (paper size, pen thickness and speed, hatch density)."
"Set the placement of the entire plot on the plotter page."
"Load map boundaries from a single boundary file."
"Load map boundaries from a list boundary file (list of single boundary files)."
" "
" "
"Save the current graphics image to a slide file."
"Load a graphics image from a slide file."
"Print an exact copy of the current graphics image on the printer."
"Do not quit Atlas."
"Quit Atlas and return to the Program Menu."
"Continue loading data: Yes No"
"Projection method: Projected Lat-long"
"Correct the error, try again: No Yes"
"OK to erase all comments: No Yes"
"OK to reset label positions: No Yes"
"Plotter not responding, retry: No Yes"
"In: Boundaries_only Full_map"
"Out: Boundaries_only Full_map"
"Draw the map boundaries only before zooming."
"Draw the full map before zooming."
"Color Palette: Default A_user B_user"
"Use the default color palette for the HP 7510A (emulates EGA colors)."
"Edit and use color palette A for the HP 7510A."
"Edit and use color palette B for the HP 7510A."
"Copy these settings to all files: No Yes"
"Plot complete, advance film: Yes No"
"Save a complete description of the current map to a map file."
"Load a complete map from a map file."
"Load the map file automatically saved at the end of the last session."
"Plot the map on the computer's display."
"Plot the map on the plotter."
"Plot the map to a plot file, for high-resolution printing by PostPrint."
"Plot the map to an HPGL plot file."
"Plot the map on the display, on top of the current graphics image. "
"[email protected]# help files hlp --------------------------------------------------"
"[email protected]# atlas1.bas at1 -------------------------------------------------"
"First use Boundary to load boundaries."
"First use Data-File to load data."
"Dot value too small, min. is: "
"HPGL plot"
" All Others "
" No Data "
"No plotter, run Configure."
"[email protected]# atlas2.bas at2 --------------------------------------------------"
" "
"F1 = Help ENTER = Plot ESC = Quit"
"Make sure the plotter is connected to the computer, turned on, and on-line."
"If necessary, load a new sheet of paper in the plotter."
"Load the plotter pens as follows: "
"To select a command, use - - and press ENTER, or press first letter. "
"For help, select Help from main menu, or press F1 for help on active command."
" Atlas 3.01 "
"Boundary file: "
"Data file: "
"Data variable: "
"Map type: Comments: "
"Fill: Labels: "
"Title: Boundaries: "
"Legend: Map Placement: "
"On Off"
"Hatch Dot-densityCurves Points "
"Top Left Bottom Left Top Right Bottom Right"
"Map file is damaged."
"Invalid map file: "
"Color value out of range, must be from 0 - 1."
"F1=Help F3=Restore Default F9=Save and Return F10=Save and Plot"
"Point "
"Invalid paper size, set with Configure-Plotter-Options command."
"Line width out of range, must be between 0 and 48."
"No plotter, run Configure."
"none COM1:COM2:LPT1 LPT2 LPT3 "
" 300 1200 2400 4800 960019200"
"Plotting, press CTRL-BREAK to quit."
"AutomaticManual "
"Default palette cannot be edited."
"Projection changed, comments/labels reset."
"Boundaries changed, labels/zoom reset."
"Description: "
"Pen "
"[email protected]#legend.bas leg -------------------------------------------------------"
" Range Range Values Text to Appear in Legend "
" to "
" to "
" All Others"
"1 Dot = "
" "
" All Others"
" No Data"
"All data missing"
"above two are pre/postfix monetary"
"[email protected]# boundary.bas bnd --------------------------------------------------"
"Loading boundary file..."
"Scanning boundary file..."
"Loading region names..."
"Sorting region names..."
"Invalid filename: "
"Number of boundaries in the boundary file: "
"Maximum number of boundaries for available memory: "
"Insufficient memory to load boundary file."
"Single boundary"
"List boundary"
"Projection of file is different than first file in list: "
"Invalid boundary file: "
"Insufficient memory to load boundary file."
"Internal error: "
"[email protected]# screen.bas scr -----------------------------------------------------"
"This is not a graphics image."
"Disk full, slide not saved."
"This slide is not the current map."
"No graphics printer, run Configure."
"[email protected]# hatch.bas hat ---------------------------------------------------"
"Invalid legend file: "
"First use Boundary to load boundaries."
"First use Data-File to load data."
" "
"+ - Change pattern -> <- Change color"
" Move cursor F1=Help F10=Exit"
"Turn title/legend on with C-M-C command."
"[email protected]# dramenu.bas dra ----------------------------------------------------"
"Reading variable names..."
"Use to highlight variable then press ENTER to load. F1=Help ESC=Quit"
"Reading data file..."
"Imperfect match between boundary and data files:"
"Regions - Hatch"
"Regions - Dot-density"
"Data file does not contain the variable: "
"No format file for the data file: "
"F1=Help F3/F4=Global/Window Bar Graph ENTER=Recalculate F10=Exit"
"Recalculating data ranges..."
" None"
"Not enough data values in each range for equal # ranging method."
"Invalid range value: "
"Press ESC to return to the Data-Ranges-Assign Screen. "
" Global Bar Graph "
" Window Bar Graph "
"Frequency counts are all zero."
"Frequency counts are invalid due to range value error."
"First use Boundary to load boundaries."
"First use Data-File to load data."
"Insufficient memory to load data."
"Invalid number: "
"Unable to load region names."
"Number of regions in the boundary file: "
"Number of regions missing from the data file: "
"Number of curves in the boundary file: "
"Number of curves missing from the data file: "
"Number of points in the boundary file: "
"Number of points missing from the data file: "
"[email protected]# zoom.bas zoo ---------------------------------------------------"
" -> <- Move window + - Size window"
"ENTER=Set window F1=Help ESC=Quit"
"Completing zoom..."
"Zoom window is too small."
"[email protected]# configur.bas cnf --------------------------------------------------"
"Set manual placement with C-M-C command."
" -> <- Move window + - Size window"
"ENTER=Set window F1=Help ESC=Quit"
"Set the boundary colors and line styles for boundary file "
" of"
"Set the boundary colors and line styles for all files."
"boundary configuration"
"[email protected]# miscelaneous --------------------------------------------------"
"Boundary file"
"[email protected]# Comments.bas ----------------------------------------------------------"
"must be free"
"Comment buffer is empty."
"+ Text / Line A-Z Symbol - Delete"
"* Move ENTER=Edit F1=Help F10=Exit"
"Angle ENTER=Save"
" -> <- Change value ESC=Quit"
"Lines cannot be edited."
"Move to new position then press ENTER."
"F1=Help ESC=Quit"
"Move to end of line then press ENTER."
"F1=Help ESC=Quit"
" ENTER=Save"
"Color ESC=Quit"
"Unable to save comments, DOS error: "
"Invalid comment file: "
"Unable to load comments, DOS error: "
"Comment space is full."
"Maximum number of comments exceeded."
" this item: Yes No"
"Unable to locate item."
"Zero length line ignored."
"Blank comment removed."
"Turn comments on with C-M-C command."
"Unable to initialize comment scratch file."
"[email protected]# Flextext.bas ---------------------------------------------------------"
"Insert "
"[email protected]# Drawchar.bas ---------------------------------------------------------"
"Font file "
"cannot be loaded."
"DOS error: "
"Press ENTER."
"[email protected]# Color names 0 - 15 ---------------------------------------------------"
"L. Blue"
"L. Green"
"L. Cyan"
"L. Red"
"L. Magenta"
"Int. White"
"[email protected]# Labels.bas ----------------------------------------------------------"
"must be free"
"+ Show * Move / Rotate F1 =Help"
"- Hide F2=Rotate all F10=Exit"
"Move to new position then press ENTER."
"F1=Help ESC=Quit"
"Unable to save labels, DOS error: "
" label "
"Invalid label file: "
"Unable to load labels, DOS error: "
": Yes No"
"Unable to locate label."
"Map is not currently labeled."
"Label file incompatible with boundaries."
"Label file is empty, file not loaded."
"Insufficient memory to load labels."
"Insufficient memory for label positions."
"Loading label positions..."
"First use Data-File to load data."
"Turn labels on with C-M-C command."
"Left of Center"
"Right of Center"
"Up 1/2"
"Down 1/2"
"Left of Center, Up 1/2"
"Right of Center, Up 1/2"
"Left of Center, Down 1/2"
"Right of Center, Down 1/2"
"[email protected]# Font --- Dash pattern definitions --------------------------------"
"[email protected]# Primary symbol names ---------------------------------------------"
"Open Circle"
"Open Square"
"Open Triangle"
"Open Star"
"Open +"
"Open Diamond"
"Filled Circle"
"Filled Square"
"Filled Triangle"
"Filled Star"
"Filled +"
"Filled Diamond"
"North Arrow"
"+ in Circle"
"Dot in Circle"
"Star of David"
"Palm Tree"
"Pine Tree"
"Bushy Tree"
"U.S. Highway"
"Interstate Highway"
"Oil Well"
"[email protected]# Line style names ------------------------------------"
"Dotted ( )"
"Short Dash ( )"
"Medium Dash ( )"
"Long Dash ( )"
"Dash Dot ( )"
"Dash Dash Dot ( )"
"Long/Short Dash ( )"
"[email protected]#END of strings. Hatch Patterns: Spacing1, Spacing2, Angle1, Angle2"
-1, -1, 0, 0
7, 5, 0, 0
5, 4, 0, 0
4, 3, 0, 0
3, 2, 0, 0
5, 5, 90, 90
4, 4, 90, 90
3, 3, 90, 90
2, 2, 90, 90
7, 5, 0, 90
5, 4, 0, 90
4, 3, 0, 90
3, 2, 0, 90
5, 5, 45, 45
4, 4, 45, 45
3, 3, 45, 45
2, 2, 45, 45
5, 5, 135, 135
4, 4, 135, 135
3, 3, 135, 135
2, 2, 135, 135
5, 5, 45, 135
4, 4, 45, 135
3, 3, 45, 135
2, 2, 45, 135
0, 0, 0, 0
"EGA pallette: Red, Green, Blue (1/100ths %)"
0 0 0
0 0 1000
0 1000 0
0 666 666
666 0 0
666 0 666
666 333 0
666 666 666
333 333 333
0 666 1000
0 1000 666
0 1000 1000
1000 333 333
1000 333 1000
1000 1000 0
1000 1000 1000

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