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3-D blackboard.
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3-D blackboard.
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PYRAMID 256 56 deflated
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Contents of the 3DBB.DOC file

3DBB and 3DBBH

These are two versions of the same program, the only difference being
that 3DBBH uses the hi-res (two-color) mode while 3DBB uses the medium-
res (four-color) mode. Both programs are written in BASIC, and source
is provided.

3DBB is a 3-Dimensional Black Board. The intention is to provide an
experimental environment for studies in 3-D animation and design. The
system is "bare bones" at present, allowing for creation, rotation,
skew, and save/restore, but no editing of existing figures as such.

The program can only be learned by using it, but several example drawings
are included to give you an idea of what to shoot for. To give yourself
a demo, do the following:

1) Load the program (3DBB or 3DBBH).
2) Read the title screen, then press to bring up graphics.
3) Making sure your CAPS LOCK is on, strike R for Read-in a file.
4) Read in CUBE.
5) Once CUBE is up, use the X, Y, and Z keys as you like to rotate the
cube in space.
6) Try this with the other demo drawings as well (especially SHUTTLE).
On some of the more complex drawings (again, especially SHUTTLE) you
will experience a noticeable time-lag in rotation. Even compiled
BASIC has its limitations.

Hitting Esc at any time will bring up the instruction screen.

- - -

I hope you enjoy this program; 3-D has always held a fascination for me,
and many of my current projects use the concepts I learned while writing
this program. If you have any questions or comments (or even, gasp, a
donation) please address them to:

Scott L. Bain
2105 29th Street
San Diego, CA

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  1. I made an adaptation to these two files Long Ago. Although, all that it really was, the Visual ANSI out lining and Mouse Click Buttons did jazz-it-up, For the designing phase, all it really did was give me a mini 23° & 45° view from both sides and a 90° view sure made the Building-Of-Them extremely handy. Dropping the 10, 20, 30 numbers and regrouping the numbers into arrays really made the code a lot easier to read. Quick Basic 4.5 allowed it to operate as a complete All-In-One.exe file – building the Objects and Creating the files like Shuttle for me all at the same time. .. yes, you can read the Shuttle File as DATA at the end of the program and read it at the start; quite simple ..really. – JW … P.S. – if you wish and have a place to store it, I can upload it should you want it.

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