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Stars is Mood software, exploding starfield. TP Source. Requires BGIs.
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Stars is Mood software, exploding starfield. TP Source. Requires BGIs.
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Contents of the STARS.DOC file

Stars !!

Stars is a demonstration of Borland's Turbo Pascal 4.0 Graphics. This
program requires the .BGI files which are distributed with the compiler, and
are available (hopefully) on whatever bulletin board you may have gotten this
file. If it is not, you may obtain it by contacting me at the address given
below. I hope I can get it to you through some arrangement.

I. History.

I origionally wrote Stars on a (can you believe this) a Commodore PET,
with 16K and running at 1Mhz. It ran at most about 2 stars at any appreciable
speed. Since then it has run on a Wang word processing system, Data General
Eclipse S330, Turbo 3.x (on a PC machine), and now finally Turbo 4.0 using
any monitor supported by the BGI files. Any one wishing the code on a PET is
welcome to it in return for any PET games (I like antiques !!).

II. Program information.

There's not much to this one. InitStar initializes a star, and UpdateStar
updates the X and Y locations and re-initializes the star if necessary. I
mainly used this program to learn the graphics portion of Turbo 4.0.

III. Credits.

Ok, it's not much of a program, but I like it. I leave it running at work
alot when I'm not using my PC, kind of as 'mood software'. It's great to look
at. I think it demonstrates good structured programming, and can be a good
learning tool for Pascal beginners. Any comments, additions, modifications to
this program will be greatly appreciated.

Thanx and happy travels...
Emory R. Stagmer
1107 Harwall Rd
Baltimore MD, 21207

IV. P.S.
If you like this program, look for FIREWORK.ARC on this and other bulletin
boards. Other fun stuff is forthcoming !!

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