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NakedEye v1.1, SuperVGA Gif viewer.
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NakedEye v1.1, SuperVGA Gif viewer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BLASTER.DRV 4848 1029 deflated
CT-VOICE.DRV 2493 1798 deflated
GOTH.CHR 18151 9080 deflated
HISTORY.SH 99 75 deflated
LITT.CHR 5131 2115 deflated
NAKEDEYE.CFG 5410 1934 deflated
NAKEDEYE.DOC 27657 10225 deflated
NAKEDEYE.HLP 1071 584 deflated
NAKEDEYE.LOG 38 38 stored
NAKEDEYE.PS 74921 19989 deflated
NAKEDEYE.SND 1314 480 deflated
NAKEDEYE.TRC 484 240 deflated
NAKEDEYE.TXT 21208 7985 deflated
NE.EXE 185776 92872 deflated
NOTE.TXT 13248 4832 deflated
README 4911 2151 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1535 573 deflated
REMOVE.EXE 537 42 deflated
ROTATE.EXE 11962 7327 deflated
RSIZE.EXE 13402 7790 deflated
SAMPLE.TXT 415 148 deflated
SBTALKER.EXE 177879 128299 deflated
SPLAYER.EXE 20480 12402 deflated
STORIES.RC 14910 2830 deflated
SVGA256.BGI 5372 3043 deflated
TALKER.EXE 18112 10916 deflated

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Contents of the README file

NakedEye Version 1.10

A SuperVga GIF viewer

May 1992,

Wollongong City, Australia

This distribution of the SuperVGA GIF viewer "NakedEye" comes with
some GIF files that I created myself. Some VOC files for music are
also included but again, the distribution on the network will not
have them. NakedEye will now play music at your command when you
enjoy looking at the GIF files (a Sound Blaster card is assumed)

To get started simply copy all these files into a directory, edit
NakedEye.cfg if you wish, but this can be done later when you already
know a bit more about NakedEye. There is no need for configuring
NakedEye for your video card. If it does not work with your video
then this version does not work with your machine! Simple as that.

That's it! now run it the way you normally run DOS programs. I would
not recommend running NakedEye from a floppy disk! It is now an overlay
program (to save memory). It will be very slow when run from a
floppy disk

Example:ne *.gif

You would normally need a mouse to use NakedEye properly. If you have
no mouse then please read the user guide now in NakedEye.TXT . If you
have a Sound Blaster card and would like to listen to music when looking
at the GIF files, you should look at editing a GIF <-> VOC association
file. Please look at the files Note.txt and NakedEye.SND for more
details. Similarly GIF <-> TEXT works the same way. The file text.trc
is a sample association file.

If this copy has not been registered, then it is not fully activated.
Some functions will remain inactive until you register it. Please have
a look at the register form.

Hope you will enjoy NakedEye!

Comments can be posted by E-mail to

[email protected]

Please Registration forms to :

VanDao Mai
50/7 Corrimal St.
Wollongong N.S.W 2500

You can use an unregistered copy software without any condition. In
this sense NakedEye is a HAPPY software. All you have to do is to
smile every time you use it!

If you simply a user (not a company) and you think that you can make
money out of it, please do! even if you do not want to share it with

For those who would like to pay. I feel really sorry that the banks
and the postal services take away most of the money! If you are
prepared to take risk, send me CASH with this formula.

60% of Registeration fee + Postage & Handling cost in either
US or Aus. Dollars.

If you support any environmental organisation for instance Green Peace.
You are welcome to have a free copy of this software. Simply send
your registration form in with

- Some proof to show that you are what you claimed to be (such as
a photocopy of a donation receipt).
- The fee for diskettes and postage (refer to register.txt).

A registered copy of this software will be forwarded to you and no
further question asked.


July 91 Version 1.0
- First released late July 1991. The emphasis was on originality
and quality.

Sept 91 Version 1.0
- Most bugs in the copy released in late July/91 have been fixed.
- NakedEye will now swap itself to EMS or XMS memory when a shell
escape is requested (8K left in conventional memory).

Nov 91 Version 1.0.1
Perhaps originality had been achieved at this point. NakedEye
1.0.1 concentrated more on functionality and quality.

- Many more functionalities have been added.
- Some minor bugs removed.
- More memory is made available.
- Cosmetics changes are made.
- Voice drivers are added for VOC files. Please look at the file
NOTE.TXT for more information about all changes and sound support.

Jan 91 Version 1.0.2
NakedEye 1.0.2 concentrates on functionality, robustness (where
I have control over the code). I consider this version to have
reached the maturity I had expected.

May 1992 Version 1.02a
A revised version for 1.02. This has the share violation fixed up.
Tested under OS/2 v2.0 DOS full screen emulation. The usual
user interface is kept. This 1.02r (revision) will be kept this
way in the future with minor bug fixes.

May 1992 Version 1.10
A much more friendly presentation of NakedEye and some extra
functions. XMS memory support is added. There is no real need
for EMS memory like previous versions. Tested under DOS emulation i
of OS/2 v2.0

The different user interface is cleaner. However there will be
users who prefer the old user interface. This is why this version
takes a new higher number.

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