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Simple VGA starfield program. Very small.
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Simple VGA starfield program. Very small.
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VGA version

Lee Sluga
HeliX Software

This is a simple VGA starfield. I wrote it to be used for fun, or,
more practically, as a simple screen saver. It's just one of my programs that
wouldn't be very good shareware. It's small and simple, and isn't really worth
a shareware registration. So this is "Bannerware," which is just for the
public to enjoy and to spread my name around a bit.

I have written a few other more useful software programs. These include
a FORMAT shell, a BlackJack game, a humorous tabloid generator, a humorous
"fake DOS", a few game cheats, a printer (Epson) commands-setter, a line/page
counter for text file, and others such as a practical DOS command system that
can eliminate many batch files, a disk cataloging program with mouse support,
more cheats, and possibly a encrypter for small files are coming soon. If
you're interested, send a SASE to me and I will send you a list of them with
longer descriptions and an order form.

Lee Sluga
HeliX Software
3056 Bunker Hill Rd.
Randolph, NY 14772

Also you could try the Night Owl's BBS at 1-716-483-3925 and look
around for them. Use the "L" command and search for "HeliX Software" or
"Lee Sluga" in the descriptions. Some may even be on the Night Owl CD-ROMs.
You can always E-Mail me at my name on the Night Owl's BBS. I call often, so
you should get a fairly quick reply.

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