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SVGA screen capture (RIX format) & RIX to GIF format conversion.
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SVGA screen capture (RIX format) & RIX to GIF format conversion.
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PALETTE2.PAL 650 201 deflated
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Download File SCR2GI.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

The following is a list of files included in the SCR2GIF 3.2

SCR2GIF DOC Documentation and instructions to run
SCR2GIF EXE Convert RIX to GIF program
PALETTE2 PAL Sample palette 2
PALETTE1 PAL Sample palette 1
CAP-000 PAL Sample palette 3
SCR2GIF TXT Technical information
CAPTEST COM Test TSR if your board does not work

NOTE: The documentation does not explain how the program
CAPTEST works since this is not distributed with the
shareware version. Instructions are below.

CAPTEST is a TSR just like SCRCAP except it does not save the
entire screen to a file. This program is strictly a test program
for boards that the SCRCAP does not work. To run CAPTEST type:
It will install itself into memory. Once this is done run your
favorite picture viewer, (should one that will do a lot of modes
something like VPIC). Run through the list of modes available
for your video adapter pressing ALT C for each mode. The CAPTEST
program will ask for the resolution the screen is in currently.
Enter the resolution, for example if displaying 640 by 480 by


This does not have to be exact. Just legible.

CAPTEST will create files by the name CAP-xxx.SCx which will be
about 300 bytes in length. Once you have captured all the
possible graphic modes your board will support, archive the files
it created together and send them to the address below or upload
them to the BBS listed below. We will exam the output test
results and add support for your board.

The Fleisher CO
Bill and Laurie Fleisher
4680 Carrick SE
Kentwood, MI 49508
(616) 531-2776 (voice)
(616) 531-0821 (IMAGES BBS)

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