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Interesting Maze program. Excellent on high-resolution monitors. WIth C.
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Contents of the MAZE.DOC file

This source code for this maze program was downloaded from a bbs. Since
it was written for Turbo-C 1.5, and since everyone does not have Turbo-C
1.5 (though they really should), I thought that I would compile it and
re-up it.

After compiling it, I noticed that the video interface didn't work worth
a hoot on a CGA laptop or an EGA desktop unit. (The author has a PS/2
with VGA, so now maybe it doesn't work there!) To remedy this and add a
couple other niceties, I did some modifications. The underlying maze
generation code is really great, however; I can take no credit for it,
and I did not even dream of touching it! Thanks Thomas G. Ore, wherever
you are!!!

I changed the a number of values in the program so that it would display
properly on my EGA after compiled; changes were made so that CGA also
worked. VGA should stil work. I next changed the prompt for the
USER-DEFINED maze which asked for "(Rows,Cols)" then did a scanf
function to read the keyboard input from the screen. If the user keyed
in the comma, it naturally didn't work properly, so I removed the comma
from the prompt! Big deal... The changes I made have been identified
by "JLW" in the comments. The mazes generated are really quite good
(amazing?). If you Ctrl-Break out of the program, you will leave an EGA
screen in 43-line mode, so you have to watch that. The printer set-up
was written for a wide-carriage LQ Epson with IBM character set, so I
added code to work with both wide and narrow carriage draft-mode
Proprinters, which is even more generic than the LQ Epson code supplied.
A narrow carriage LQ Epson set of code was also added, based upon the
wide carriage code. If you have a narrow carriage, The CPI will be
automatically set to print at 80, 96, and 132 columns, depending on maze
width. If you have a wide-carriage, the program will automatically set
the pitch at multiples so that up to 132 columns, 156 columns, or 230
columns will print automatically. At 8-lines-per-inch, on a 14-inch
wide piece of paper, you can print a HUGE maze that will take as much
patience as a jig-saw puzzle to solve!!! A new command-line variable
will set the printer option. Enter MAZE H (h or ?) to get a list of
Usage. Most printers can work with IBM Proprinter emulation, all you
need is IBM line/box characters as a minimum.

Anyway, my kids love this program, and maybe yours will too!

Jim Wargula 07-06-88

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