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Neat kaleidoscopic program.
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Neat kaleidoscopic program.
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Frederick J. Hebert, Jr.

Version 1.1 is a bug fix of version 1.0. The old version only works
with true VGA boards, 1.1 works with all boards (I hope). Many thanks
to John Souvestre in helping me isolate the problem.

BOUNCE is just a simple little graphics program that generates two
points that bounce around the screen. The speed and direction of
these points is random and is usually different every time the program
is run. Between these two points a line is drawn, and the effect is
that of a bouncing stick whose length varies. The line is also
changing color and may erase its trail or it may not! The color may
be a function of line length, it may vary randomly or it may increment
through all available colors at random rates. Basically all factors
are random. The program will select the highest available screen mode
preferring colors over resolution. It looks very good in VGA!

Why did I write this program? Well BOUNCE is a composite of several
programs which were originally developed as lessons for a programming
class I was teaching at the time. It demonstrates bouncing, random
numbers, distance calculations, checking available screen modes and
how to make a tail.

The program is really nothing special but several people who have seen
it were fascinated by it and wanted a copy. I sometimes like to look
at it when I am thinking, it can make some very interesting patterns.
If you have a monochrome or CGA screen, you may not be impressed, but
if you have EGA or VGA you may enjoy it. I just thought Some of you
might find it interesting so here it is. Feel free to share BOUNCE
with friends as long as you don't charge a fee, include this doc file,
and do not modify the program in any way.

Happy Computing, Fred Hebert.

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