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"HI-RES RAINBOW" is a 640 by 200 hi-resolution color paint system.
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“HI-RES RAINBOW” is a 640 by 200 hi-resolution color paint system.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
A.BIN 8 8 stored
ADJUST.WIN 4210 128 deflated
ARROW.WIN 40 23 deflated
B.BIN 8 8 stored
BATMAN.BIN 16392 1820 deflated
BATSKY.BIN 16392 2070 deflated
BRIDGE.BIN 16392 2249 deflated
COLOR.WIN 160 30 deflated
EDIT.WIN 1610 516 deflated
FRANK.BIN 16392 1790 deflated
HI-RES.BAK 15 15 stored
HI-RES.BAT 21 21 stored
HIRES.EXE 127538 60210 deflated
KNOB.WIN 40 18 deflated
KURBRICK.BIN 16392 1749 deflated
LOGO.BIN 16392 6271 deflated
MENU.WIN 1910 630 deflated
PAGE.WIN 1610 348 deflated
PALLETE.WIN 4210 128 deflated
PROGINFO.TXT 2282 1137 deflated
QUICKEYS.COM 272 232 deflated
README.1ST 10215 4412 deflated
SABER.BIN 16392 4514 deflated
SCREEN.WIN 810 295 deflated
SEALAND.BIN 16392 2883 deflated
SWAMP.BIN 16392 3450 deflated
TEXT.WIN 810 110 deflated
THOR.BIN 16392 4693 deflated
TRAN.BIN 16392 2879 deflated
WINBAR.WIN 510 182 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Shareware is an experiment for us. One in which we hope to
confirm the faith some have in people. Shareware is a
concept which we like, because it gives you a chance to
try a package before you buy and allows us to avoid the
problems associated with traditional marketing avenues.
Without belating further we hope you will find this
package useful and will register for the full paackage.

"HI-RES RAINBOW" is a 640 by 200 hi-resolution color
paint system and the first software alternative to the EGA
card. For a fraction of the cost you can have four colors
and other pattens that border on true colors.

"HI-RES RAINBOW" is a full featured paint package which
includes pull down windows, icons, multiple device inputs
(joy-sticks, mouse, keyboard, tablet).A partial list of the
features include Connecting lines, Ray, Zoom, Erase, Draw
(two modes), Spray, Lines, Brush, Box, Fill, Circle, Arc
lines, Connecting arcs, Undo, Reflexing (just about all the
above and more work in symmetry mode), Fill ( has 12 preset
colors and more can be mixed), and each has their own icon.
Apart from that, well organizes pull down menus give you
additional features. The Page window gives you Directories
(regular and icon dir), Load and Save (two types), Text
window which gives you various fonts and templates, Edit
window which has Copy, Move, Smear (all have two options,
merge & replace), Screen opt which some show-off features
like rainbow which scrolls a rainbow of color in the
background. Beside this we also have screen swap (you have
more then two screens to work in).

Printing options is supported as well as screens with
different fonts and sizes. Other unique features will
be ICON directories which when invoked will show an
actual scale down replication of the full screen painting
or brush (smaller paintings). Relatied products such as
animation package and 3D drawing package (look at cube option)
can be developed to work together as a system.

Other features which can be introduce into this package or
future versions are object oriented paint system, so that any
object you have created becomes independent of all other
parts of your painting. You can move, scale, put in front of,
middle of, behind of, transfer to other drawings any object
which you have made. Many exciting features not found on
other packages are and will be implemented like ARC connect which
allow the user to place points on the screen and have the computer
connect them with smooth curving arcs intersecting each point put down.

On this disk envelop you will find a trial copy of version 1.00
of 'HI-RES RAINBOW'. The version you have supports the Joysticks,
Microsoft Mouse, Keyboard and tablets which can mimic Microsoft Mouse
calls (Penmouse+ and Kurta Corp. tablets). I hope you have a Mouse
available or tablet , as it gives the most control; but regardless
I think you will find our product unique in its abilities and friendly
in its approach. HI-RES RAINBOW will run on most 'Clones'.

All of the technical information which makes HI-RES
RAINBOW possible are base on IBM PC technical
specifications, but the actual development took place on a
assortment of PC compatibles. The machines used and tested
on where Eagle PC, Sanyo PC(Turbo 775 ), IBS PC(Phoenix
Bios), Tava PC, American Turbo XT, brand X PCs, IBM PC, and
even the IBM AT with an EGA card (but no color).

For the most part you can just sit in front of your PC and
pick icons, wondows and paint. I will give you some additional
information below about soom features which may not be apparent.
You will notices that some selections have either one or two asterisk (**)
: one means the feature is not is not quite fully implemented but is close.
Two '**' means the feature will be implemented but not in its present
form (ex. will be part of another icon or the user input-interface
will be different ). In its present form HI-RER RAINBOW will run
in a 256k machine .

The Icon Directories have not been inclued but will be their.
HI-RES RAINBOW is on disk one along with one utility.
We will support standard bload files directly; it just our
present format is better for some compatibles).In order to
begin using 'HI-RES RAINBOW' just type 'HIRES'.

For the most part the 'Mouse', 'Joystick', and 'Keyboard'
work the same. The left button on the Mouse, Joystick, and
keyboard activates the option while on the keyboard 'F9'
serves the same function. The right button is basically used
for backing out of a option( two clicks to exit the Fill
icon and the Arc icon). F10 serves as the keyboards right
button. What follows is a summary on the functions to get
you going, but the best thing to do is just try it and click

The following functions (Icons) work about the same:

OPTIONS)- Move cursor to any area and press button 1 to
begin. Remember to hold the button while moving the device.

Functions: Square, Circle, Line - Move cursor to any area
and press button 1 to select. Move to see rubber-banding
effect until satisfied then press button 1 again to caputure
object. Then move to any spot and stamp down object. You
then can continue or press button 2 to return to main menu.


Functions: Fill and Reflex - you just click the icon and it
will remain highlighted while their in use. The Fill icon
will go on and then you move over desire color and press
button 1 again. Then you just go over to fill an area.

Arc icon: Uses both buttons (mouse or joystick), the
left button is the actions button the right button lengths
the reach of the arc. The space bar restores the reach of
the arc; double click to exit routine.

Zoom icon: When you click the zoom icon a small
rectangle will appear. Just move the box over to the area
which you want to inspect and click button 1. You will see
an expanded view of area along with the actual area. You can
then paint on a pixel level.

The following window functions work alike:

Copy, Move, Smear, Stretch, Shear, Mirror, Scale, Slope,
Bend-in, Bend-out , Overlay, Flip, Ripple and cleanup.
First move to window and press button one. The window under
the cursor will open then move down into window and select
function. A rectangle will appear and will rubber-band to
any spot you want with the input device. Press button one
again and effect will take place. Move to area you want and
press button one to stamp down image. Press button two when
you are finish with function.

Three other full screen functions have been added:

'Screen or' will merge the screen you are presently looking
at into the other.

'Screen xor' works like above but is a bit more picky
about what it merges.
'Screen and' also works like above but has a overlay

The following function keys can be use anytime:

F1: SWAP F2: Crosshair

F3: XOR Mode F4: Clear screen
F5: X Grid (Constrain) F6: Y Grid (movements)

F8 : Pen color on/off ( Draw mode only)

F7: Button one off F9: Button one on

F10: Button two

PALETTE: Is simple to use. You have three slide pods; each which can
move independent of each other. The first slide pod is label 'B' for
background color, and it has a range of 16 different colors. The next
pod, label 'P', controls the palette to work in (Even in hi-res mode
we are stuck with IBMs original med-res palettes. The final sliding pod
controls the speed and the colors of the rainbow effect.

On the disk you will find a program called 'KEY.COM' which you can try
and see if it helps you with the keyboard response. Also remember to
use 'F7' to shut off draw mode and a few others options (keyboard user only).

All of the pictures included with this trial size 'HI-RES RAINBOW' were
done with this package (part of one was imported).
some of them were digitize, some were done free hand, all were colored
and manipulated by 'HI-RES RAINBOW'.The files which end with .win are
needed to run 'HI-RES', the files which end in .bin are our format
picture files.

We are putting together some nice utilities and animation drivers
which will work right along side 'HI-RES '. You have several alternatives.
One is to just use this limited version and go nuts with its' limits on
saving (we hope); or you can become a Register owner.

We have two levels of registration; for $25.00 big ones you get a full
implementation of 'HI-RES RAINBOW' plus full documentation on the disk
as well as a few other goodies. For $50.00 you get two full implementation
of 'HI-RES RAINBOW'; the regular 256k size an 320k size which has more
screens and goodies.You also get full printed documentation with a hint
section, a second disk with additional utilities and art parts for
your own use. Two of the extras programs are a 'seeslide' which you
can use to look at any of you paintings from Dos and 'splat' which
you can use to load a series of pictures and quickly cycle thru them to
created cycling animation. We are also thinking about a version which
allows you to have all or most of the colors of the PC on the screen
at the same time, but this depends on how many of you folks register.

To register send $25 or $50 (depending on which one you want) in checks,
cash(?), money orders to:

415 41 STREET

Please put somewhere on the check and on the envelop the words 'HI-RES'.

We hope you enjoy the package and support us in our programming efforts.

HI-RES RAINBOW Copyright 1986.

Developed by Orlando Rivera and David Rivera

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