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Transforms EGA 640x200x16 graphic images to VGA 320x200x256.
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Transforms EGA 640x200x16 graphic images to VGA 320x200x256.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

EGA2VGA v5.0 Copr. (c) 1989 Lawrence Gozum & Marvin Gozum

EGA2VGA converts ANY viewable EGA 640x350x16 pic, EEGA 640x480x16 or
VGA 640x480x16, or ANY 16-color (or less) GIF to a VGA/MCGA 320x200x25
MVGA 320x400x256, MVGA 360x480x256, SVGA 640x350x256, SVGA 640x400x256,
SVGA 640x480x256, SVGA 800x600x256 or SVGA 1024x768x256! It actually
creates a NEW 256 color palette during resizing and aspect correction.
Saves converted 320x200x256 pictures in 'bloadable' BASIC format for use
in BASIC or VGACAD. MVGA and SVGA conversions are saved to GIF files.


EGA2VGA .exe Main Program
RAW2GIF .exe GIF conversion utility (version 3.4)
BRUN41 .exe required by EGA2VGA.exe and RAW2GIF.exe
EGA2VGA .doc User Manual
REGISTER.doc registration form
EGADMP .com \
XGADMP .com > EGA/EEGA/VGA graphics screen capture utilities
VGADMP .com /
README .1st this document

Update 5.0: * Bugfix: Selection of GIF files with **MORE** has been

* Bugfix: TEMP files corrected to accomodate GIF images
that are less than screen size.

* BugFix: Secondary processing of SVGA 800x600x256 files
with images smaller than original screen has been

* SVGA 1024x768x256 secondary processing added. Note:MVGAVU
will interpolate and decode such files even if your card
doesn't support it.

* RAW2GIF v3.4 (included) upgraded to handle automatic MVGASCRN
files encoding to 1024x768x256.

* VDISK path will automatically check your exiting path
or default path if insuffient disk space is detected;
VDISK path will automatically be changed to next available

* MVGASCRN.RAW & .PLT files are automatically deleted when
user aborts secondary processing to free VDISK space.

* Cosmetic changes.

Update 4.0: * More effective color generation algorithm

* TEMP files match VGACAD v1.6 workspace files for direct
importation of 'decompressed' 16-color GIFs.

* MVGA/SVGA conversion option (with RAW2GIF v3.3) replaces
"Pick 'N Zoom" feature.

- MVGA 320x400x256
- MVGA 360x480x256
- SVGA 640x350x256
- SVGA 640x400x256
- SVGA 640x480x256
- SVGA 800x600x256

* RAW2GIF is now graphics device independent; you can
convert EGA pictures to SVGA GIFs regardless of your
video card.


EGA2VGA has been tested on a 386sx clone, XT clone and PS/2 Model 50; video
modes were tested in CGA, Hercules, EGA, EEGA and SVGA video modes using the
STB VGA E/M 512, ATI VGA Wonder 512 card and IBM's VGA PS/2 VGA card.

486, 386, 386sx, 286 and AT users with extended memory should disable "Shadow
RAM". Although GIFBIT is predominantly coded in assembly and C; QuickBasic
(QB) 4.00b is used as a shell and error-handler. QB v4.00b HATES Shadow RAM
for some reason and locks-up (at least on our 386sx clone). With AMI BIOS,
you can disable Shadow RAM by pressing during boot and changing the
set-up; it is much wiser to have EMM.SYS/QEMM.SYS or WHATEVER.SYS to manage
expanded and extended RAM anyway. With 2MB on board, I suggest you use
720KB for VDISK to emulate a fast 3.5" drive and allocate the rest as
expanded memory; a 1MB system with a 384KB RAMdisk (VDISK) would match
640x480x256 screens which decompress to 307200 bytes.

Users with third-party EMM.SYS drivers should avoid mapping the ROM BIOS to
"high" RAM (i.e., Shadow RAM) or mapping extended/expanded RAM to areas where
there is no RAM (e.g., to use LOADHI) QB's runtime module crashes (at least
on our 386sx clone). We suggest you keep two versions of your CONFIG.SYS
file; one with your usual set-up and one with a set-up to run ALL our
programs/utilities (preferably with as much VDISK as possible).

If your system still locks-up, do a 'naked boot' ! Rename your AUTOEXEC.BAT
and CONFIG.SYS files (e.g., to *.BAK) then reboot; this way you can isolate
the incompatible TSR or SYS file (or SYS file setting).

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