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Shareware CAD package, very easy to use and versatile.
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Shareware CAD package, very easy to use and versatile.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANIM.PIC 4491 580 deflated
ARCDEMO.PIC 2043 506 deflated
BARDEMO.PIC 1285 406 deflated
CIRCLE.PIC 1022 299 deflated
COLOR.PIC 2597 520 deflated
COPYDEMO.PIC 1547 419 deflated
CURSOR.PIC 3140 591 deflated
DEMO.SLD 190 114 deflated
DOTELLPS.PIC 1447 403 deflated
FILLDEMO.PIC 1596 412 deflated
FILLPAT.PIC 3333 743 deflated
GETFILE.PIC 3596 815 deflated
GRIDDEMO.PIC 1773 287 deflated
HEIGHT.PIC 1037 311 deflated
INTRO.PIC 3593 393 deflated
LINEDEMO.PIC 1582 381 deflated
LINEPAT.PIC 4955 742 deflated
MEASURE.PIC 1825 497 deflated
MOVEDEMO.PIC 1744 464 deflated
ORIGIN.PIC 482 207 deflated
POLCAD.EXE 105440 37662 deflated
POLCAD.MAN 41056 8883 deflated
PRINT.PIC 913 371 deflated
READ.ME 910 455 deflated
RECTDEMO.PIC 1005 292 deflated
WRITE.PIC 665 226 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The POLCAD package includes:

READ.ME (this file)
22 ".PIC" files Demonstration files for use of the
commands in POLCAD
DEMO.SLD The Demonstration slide-show using the
"PIC" files

To run the DEMO:
1. start POLCAD by typing "polcad" at the DOS
2. type "s" to pick SLIDES from the initial POLCAD screen.
3. Enter the DIRECTORY NAME that contains the DEMO.SLD and
the ".PIC" files, at the prompt and hit ENTER.
4. Hit ENTER when the CURSOR BOX encloses DEMO.
5. Answer "n" when asked if additional "PIC" files are
6. At the "beep", hit a key to see the next slide or ESC to
stop the show.
7. At the end of the DEMO, hit "n" to start using POLCAD in
the NOVICE mode.

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