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Version 0.2 of Asphyxiated Directory, a mildly interesting dir replacement that shows file attributes in the listing, with optional color. New in version 0.2 is a -p switch to allow paging.

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CompuShow version 8.73a
The full-featured graphics display system for
GIF, RLE, MacPaint, PC Paint, PC Paintbrush,
ColoRIX, EGA Paint, IMG, Dr. Halo, Targa,
graphics on IBM compatibles with Hercules,
CGA, EGA, MCGA, VGA, 8514/a, XGA, VESA and
Super-VGA adapters including hi-color SVGAs.

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Category Printer + Display Graphics
CSHOW v8.73 – graphics file viewer supporting many formats & modes/card.
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Contents of the CATALOG.DOC file

CaSSS Software Catalog

This catalog describes CompuMake Tools, our graphics conversion utility and
our new program, CompuShow 2000!

CompuMake Tools

In response to a number of requests for a graphics conversion utility, we've
assembled "CompuMake Tools", a set of programs to convert raster graphics
images to GIF, supporting all features of GIF versions "87a" and "89a".

A hard disk is REQUIRED. CompuMake Tools manipulates images on the hard disk,
so that the amount of computer memory doesn't limit the size of the graphic
you can work with.

A graphics adapter is NOT REQUIRED for conversions, although an MCGA or VGA is
recommended for functions that involve selecting specific colors for text,
frames, background, etc.

Convert FROM:

CompuServe GIF Ega Paint
CompuServe RLE ColoRIX
PC Paintbrush Targa
PC Paint Microsoft Windows Paint (BMP)
Dr. Halo TIFF
GEM/Ventura IMG

Convert directly TO single-image GIF graphics (or BMP).

The image may be automatically "trimmed", removing solid color borders encoded
as part of the image, or you can bypass trimming. Any size graphic may be
rotated 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Output in either interlaced or non-interlaced
GIF format. The global color map may be sorted with the most used colors
first. Convert to 16 or 64 level grayscale. Add single or multiple "frames"
around the image. Create multiple-image GIF graphics.

A major design feature is a direct interface with "PicLab", a Public Domain
program included with CompuMake Tools. CompuMake works with PicLab to create
multiple graphics images with a single color map and combine them into a
multiple-image GIF graphic.

Incorporate any or all features of GIF version 89a.

Delays and user input.
Restore to background.
Restore to previous image.
Plain text.

With a "toolbox" concept in mind, CompuMake Tools accept file names and other
parameters "on the command line", to allow you to use them in batch files,
which have three definite advantages.

Since manipulating and combining graphics can take quite a while (even on a
fast 486), you can start a batch file "job" and go get a cup of coffee.

If you want to "fine tune" the graphic you've created, you can make changes to
the batch file and rerun it from the beginning, or even pick it up from a mid-

Batch files you've already used can be "models" for similar tasks, making the
new project that much easier to set up.

A tutorial with sample graphics and batch files are included to illustrate a
number of graphics conversions including a full-blown multiple image GIF89a.

CompuMake Tools is now available for $28.


We're especially excited about our new program, CompuShow 2000! With all the
graphics display capabilities that have made CompuShow the world standard for
IBM PC compatibles, CompuShow 2000! provides the convenience and functionality
of a "state of the art" user interface.

Great new "desktop" design, with pull-down menus, clickable status bar, and
context-sensitive help.

Moveable, resizeable, overlapping windows. Open up to NINE windows on
different drives and directories at the same time. Copy or move files with a
mouse by dragging them from one window to another.

In addition to the standard 80 column by 25 line mode, may be run in 80x43
mode on an EGA, 80x50 on a VGA, and 80x60, 132x25, 132x43, 132x50, or 132x60
on Super-VGAs with VESA BIOS support for those modes.

Complete control of directory window contents! Show all files with the
familiar "*.*" file mask, or by a list of specifications such as
"*.gif;*.bmp;*.pcx;*.jpg". Sort by name, extension, size, or date, forward or
backward. Display in UPPERCASE or lowercase. Turn on or off display of file
size, date, or time.

All CompuShow 2000! program documentation and setup functions are accessed
from inside the program. In addition to the context-sensitive help screens,
you can read the complete user's guide and other documentation on the screen
or print it on your printer (with complete control of page width, length and
margins.) Video driver selection, control of display modes, and EMS/XMS memory
use are specified from the setup menu.

Tag files in multiple windows (in different directories, even different disk
drives) to display in a timed "show".

CompuShow 2000! is now available for $33.00


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