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Convert graphics from Print Master to Print Shop and vice-versa, also inlcudes full TP 3.0+ source code.
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Convert graphics from Print Master to Print Shop and vice-versa, also inlcudes full TP 3.0+ source code.
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Contents of the PM-PS-BS.DOC file

{ }
{ }
{ Input: *.SDR or *.NAM [ Names of Shape ] }
{ *.SHP or *.DAT [ Shape file ] }
{ Output: "shape".BSG [BASIC file] }

This program will convert a PRINTMASTER graphic file into a
PRINT SHOP graphic file, or PRINT SHOP to PRINTMASTER. It will
also break up either one and convert them to BASICA graphic

Printmaster graphic files consist of 2 seperate files. A
'name file' with the extension of .SDR and a 'graphic file'
with the extension of .SHP .

The name file is an ASCII text file containing the names
for each graphic in the shape file. A name consists of a
record with the length of 16 bytes. If a name is less then 16
bytes, the unused positions are filled with nuls ($00).

Printmaster graphics are 88 dots wide by 52 dots high. They
are stored in a binary file one after anouther. This takes up
572 bytes. Added to this are four bytes at the start of each
graphic and one byte at the end (or between each graphic) for
a total of 576 bytes per graphic. The first 4 bytes consist of
$0B (width in bytes of graphic), $34 (54 bits high), $58 (width
in bits) and $00 (nul byte). The last byte between graphics is
also a $00.

Print Shop's 'name file' is exactly the same as Printmaster's
but with the extension of .NAM . The Print Shop graphic file has
the extension of .DAT and is the same format as a .SHP file with
exceptions. The four bytes before each graphic and the last byte
between graphics is missing. In order for Print Shop to "see"
the files the filename must start with "GR". The program will add
"GR" to the front of the file name and chop off the end if greater-
than 8 characters. ie: the PRINTMASTER file STANDARD.SHP would
convert to a PRINT SHOP file GRSTANDA.DAT.

The BASICA format for the graphic is an array with the first
two bytes the width of the graphic in bits ($58,$00). The second
two bytes is the highth in bits ($34,$00). The rest of the array
is the graphic. This file can be used in BASIC program with the
PUT command. To use the graphic in FONTASY use the load block

To use the program just run PM-PS-BS.COM and the startup menu
will begin. Select which conversion. The conversion screen will
then appear. Enter the filename (no .EXT) and the program will
start. If you wish to stop before all files are converted just hit
any key and the program will stop after finishing the current
graphic. After the conversion is finished you will be returned to
the start-up menu.

This software is placed into the public domain by:

John Paul Michalski
Infinity Engineering Services
322 W. Palomino Dr.
Chandler, AZ 85224


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