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Morphing program. Similair to DMORF.ZIP includes examples.
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Morphing program. Similair to DMORF.ZIP includes examples.
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Contents of the REGISTER.DOC file

Registration form for

Rmorf Version 0.4

Copyright (c) 1993 by Richard Goedeken

To register, fill out this form, enclose $25 (US funds only, please) and
send to:

Fascinations Software
6400 North Glen Drive
Palo, IA 52324

(Foreign orders please enclose $30 in either US cash, check for US dollars
drafted at a US bank or a check for your country's money drafted at one
of your county's banks. American money order is also accepted)

Upon receipt of your check or money order (no cash, please), I will send to
you the full version (without the 320x200 limitation), and you will be
eligible for updates for only $15.00.

Name ______________________________________________________________________

Business name _____________________________________________________________
(If applicable)

Phone Number ______________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________



Media Type (check one only) _____ 5 1/4 HD (1.2 M) _____ 5 1/4 DD (360K)

_____ 3 1/2 HD (1.44M) _____ 3 1/2 DD (720K)

Have you enclosed $25.00 ($30 foreign) ? ______

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