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Hubble graphic images collection.

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** *** HUBBLE GIF IMAGES *** **
Direct from Jet Propulsion Labs
with notes and press releases. The
first images from the FIXED Hubble
Telescope! Couriered by MikE ZeD
Released By NASA on 1/13/94

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Hubble graphic images collection.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 201 167 deflated
HUBBLE.TXT 774 434 deflated
WFPC-01.GIF 113390 112077 deflated
WFPC-02.GIF 2034 1834 deflated
WFPC-PIX.PR 4991 2292 deflated

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Contents of the HUBBLE.TXT file

Hubble Telescope First Pictures

This is really exciting being that I just downloaded the

new pics from the Jet Propulsion Lab taken by the new improved

Hubble Telescope. It appears as though it is fixed and NASA

is on the road to a new frontier. Included are

comparative identical shots before and after the addition of

the corrective lense and also pics taken from the new Wide-field

camera. Be sure to read the enclosed press release from NASA

as well as the notes attached to each GIF. I placed these in

a ZIP file to protect the valuable notes from being overwritten

by BBS ads. Enjoy!

MikE ZeD - SysOp - pLaNeT ZeD BBS - 310-4342933 - 16.8 Dual

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