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Good graphic display of the lens and light.
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Good graphic display of the lens and light.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
PHOTO.EXE 59008 34963 deflated
RAINBOW.EXE 67840 38492 deflated
REFRACT.EXE 69504 39063 deflated
RUIZ.DOC 1792 650 deflated

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Contents of the RUIZ.DOC file

* O P T I C S S O F T W A R E *
* *
* Michael J. Ruiz *
* Department of Physics *
* University of North Carolina at Asheville *
* Asheville, NC 28804 *
* *
* Copyright (C) Summer 1988 *
Optics Software consists of 5 programs written in TURBO BASIC (found on
Diskette 1) and 3 programs (TURBO C, Diskette 2) for the IBM XT with EGA.
These programs may be freely distributed; however, may not be sold.
Educational use is encouraged. A hard-copy of the source code is avail-
able directly from the author at a nominal fee of $5.00 per program.

ILLUSION.EXE Optical Illusions BASIC 1102 lines of code
LENSES .EXE Converging/Diverging Lenses BASIC 877 lines of code
MIRRORS .EXE Concave/Convex Mirrors BASIC 891 lines of code
RAINBOW .EXE Primary/Secondary Rainbows BASIC 852 lines of code
REFRACT .EXE Law of Refraction/Reflection BASIC 946 lines of code
COLOR .EXE Additive Color Mixing C 1132 lines of code
KALEID .EXE Kaleidoscope C 587 lines of code
PHOTO .EXE Photographic Angle of View C 985 lines of code

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