Dec 092017
Interesting demo of the universe in EGA or VGA.
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Interesting demo of the universe in EGA or VGA.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLUSTER.PIC 22286 10925 deflated
CRAB.PIC 18309 11379 deflated
EARTH2.PIC 65520 51776 deflated
EARTHSET.PIC 54940 43840 deflated
EFFECT1.PIC 4387 798 deflated
JUPITER1.PIC 31251 22443 deflated
M31.PIC 14902 9230 deflated
ONMOON.PIC 43249 26352 deflated
QUASAR.PIC 30689 23023 deflated
README.TXT 1007 570 deflated
SATURN1.PIC 23313 17934 deflated
ST.EXE 1004 361 deflated
ST1.PDR 76219 43684 deflated
TITLE.PIC 7392 2270 deflated
UNIVERSE.BAT 14 14 stored
UNIVERSE.SH~ 647 284 deflated

Download File UNIVERSE.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.TXT file

To start "UNIVERSE" simply type UNIVERSE. This brings up the
provided batch file ST UNIVERSE. You can abort the program
with the ESC key.

UNIVERSE was produced by Jim Maxey of Event Horizons and
is copyrighted software. However, you may distribute this
program freely and even upload to BBSs if the program is
not modified or changed in any form. All files must be
included within the ARC file.

To unARC UNIVERSE simply use the program PKXARC provided.
The syntax is:


The files will then be unpacked.

You may contact Jim Maxey by calling voice at 503-777-3595
in Portland, Oregon. Or you may call the master Data
line for Event Horizons at 503-777-1578. Charges for
system access are $3/hr.

UNIVERSE is in the 640X350X16 color format. In addition to
these pictures Event Horizons has many more files, close to
100 megabytes of quality pictures, both EGA and VGA, including
many more Astronomy pictures and R rated and X rated nudes for
adults only.

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