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Print Tiff - preview and print .TIF graphics files.
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Print Tiff – preview and print .TIF graphics files.
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PRINTIFF - TIFF file print utility V1.0
Copyright (c) 1992 S.K. Consultants

Sven Kahrkling
S.K. Consultants
R.R. 2 Loretto
Ontario, Canada
L0G 1L0


PRINTIFF is a utility to print TIFF files on laser printers.

Its objective is to reproduce black and white images on laser printers with
the best quality possible. The user has considerable flexibility in
choosing brightness, contrast, size and position of the final image.

Even so, it must be recognized that due to limitations of the hardware,
laser printers can not reproduce photographs with the same quality that
newspapers do. By carefully adjusting image brightness, contrast, size and
resolution, very acceptable output can be produced.

Integrating pictures with text is possible even if your present word
processor or desk-top publishing software is not cabable of doing so. You
can now incorporate photographs with your existing text just by refeeding
the page in the laser printer. By carefully determining the desired
position of the image on the page, PRINTIFF can place the image where it is
required. Even multiple images can be composed on a single sheet of paper
without having to refeed the page each time.

It has a number of features that gives the user flexibility over the
outcome of the image. Brightness, contrast, size and position of the image
on the paper are fully adjustable. The number of half-tones and the
effective resolution can be set as well.

In the pre-view mode, brightness, contrast, number of half-tones or gray-
shades, and the printer's resolution is adjusted as desired. The screen
shows the image approximately as it would appear on the printer. Its size
is automatically calculated and displayed.

Next, a representation of the page is shown allowing the user to position,
and further scale the image. Its location is shown relative to previous
images so that multiple images can be printed on the same sheet of paper.


This program it is not a universal translator which can convert one
type of graphics file to another. For this job, use one of the other
available programs.


We hope you enjoy this program.

We ask that you send a modest $30 with your name and address so that
we can keep a record of interested people. Then we will be able to keep
you up-to-date on the latest developments, and will welcome any suggestions
you may have regarding features you would like to see incorporated. For
registration now, you will be entitled to the next version free of charge.

If you have no interest in future versions but would like to continue
using this program then please do so with our compliments. Any
contribution is appreciated - send whatever you think it's worth. Perhaps
you would like to drop us a line anyways with comments. Maybe you feel
this version falls short of your expectations. You'd be willing to pay $30
for that very important feature it lacks. Let us know.

Please feel free to pass the program, this README file, and
PRINTIFF.DOC to your friends.

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