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Hicolor Cellular Automata program (Requires Sierra Hi-Color DAC).
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Hicolor Cellular Automata program (Requires Sierra Hi-Color DAC).
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CA93.EXE Hicolor Cellular Automata program
Copyright Dan Farmer 1993. All rights reserved.

NOTE! This program requires a video card equipped with the TSENG 4000
chip equipped with the Sierra Hicolor DAC. The program will most likely
simply fail if used with incorrect equipment, but to play it safe:

I will not attempt to explain cellular automata in this document. A
little research should turn up many examples for the curious.
What is unique about this program is that the individual red, green, and
blue color components are each handled separately in this program.
Each cell's progress through "life" (ie: it's color while "alive")
is based on the combination of the three components.

There are only a few options allowed.

Commandline settings:
/V1 = use 320x200x15 bit mode
/V2 = use 640x480x15 bit mode
/V3 = use 800x600x15 bit mode

/W0.n = Scale window by 0.n percent. Can use up to 0.9 for very
small, but amazingly fast views.
/G = Force grayscale generation.

G = Toggle grayscale generation.

That's about it for now. This is simply a "proof of concept" program,
not very fancy, but then, it was pretty inexpensive, wasn't it?

Dan Farmer 1993

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