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Autocad graphics library with many house plan graphics.
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Autocad graphics library with many house plan graphics.
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Contents of the README.TXT file


These two drawing files represent the beginning of a library of symbols
for AutoCAD(TM) that will be evolving over the coming months. Please feel
free to copy them and pass them around in an unmodified state. You may not
use any of the blocks in a commercial environment without permission from
me. Further, you may not distribute them without including this file. If
you are using them to learn AutoCAD, or trying to design your own house, you
may use them freely and with no obligation. However, if you use them
commercially, you must take permission from me, and that will normally be

Instead of a long-winded disclaimer, I wish to state that I will not be
responsible or liable for anything you may do or not do with this library.

The next version of this library will contain attributes to link them
with a database program called the THE EXTRACTOR. This program is in it's
final stages and will be distributed as shareware. More symbols are also in
the process of being added.

Any comments, suggestions, enquiries to use in a commercial environment etc.
should be addressed to :

Aniruddha Gupte
2958 N. Prospect Av.
Milwaukee, WI 53211

I may also be contacted on the following :

ARCHINFO (414)962-2724
Exec-PC (414)964-5160
Compuserve User ID 74630,14

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