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Drafting program to design and layout floor plans.
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Drafting program to design and layout floor plans.
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BC01SAMP.LY2 17264 1170 deflated
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LAYOUT.COM 17781 10483 deflated
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READ.ME 1606 567 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

| | An Area Planning Program
| LAYOUT | Version 2.0
|______________| written by
Martin L. Waldman
Copyright 1990
This diskette contains the LAYOUT program, All rights reserved
3 sample files, a conversion program for
LAYOUT ver 2 files, the documentation, published by
and license information. Software Co-op
5437 Honey Manor Dr
The manual is the ASCII file LAYOUT.DOC. Indianapolis, IN 46241
It contains instructions for using the 317-856-6052
program and some practical exercises. It is
formatted to print on 9 inches of an 11 inch ____________
page. Placing the paper so that the first line | |
prints one inch from the top will give you equal | To get a |
top and bottom margins. | quick look |
| just run |
To print the manual enter COPY LAYOUT.DOC PRN | |
This program is shareware. |____________|
For license information enter COPY LICENSE.DOC PRN

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