Dec 052017
Draw fractal optimized for 8087.
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Draw fractal optimized for 8087.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EGADOT.ASM 418 232 deflated
EGADOT.OBJ 332 258 deflated
FRACOPT.DOC 5527 2320 deflated
JULIA.C 4303 1411 deflated
JULIA.EXE 9430 5151 deflated
JULIA.OBJ 2409 1432 deflated
MAKJULIA.BAT 42 42 stored
MAKMANDL.BAT 39 35 deflated
MANDEGA.C 4581 1575 deflated
MANDEGA.EXE 13938 7941 deflated
MANDEL87.ASM 2116 829 deflated
MANDEL87.OBJ 436 325 deflated
README.DOC 481 316 deflated
SCREENS.DOC 2486 621 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

produce Mandelbrot and Julia fractal images for the EGA display.
They absolutely require an 8087/80287 numerical coprocessor to
execute at all.

contains parameters for fractal images. These parm sets
are mostly from the Peitgen and Richter book, Beauty of Fractals.

discusses optimizations of fractal generation code.

ALL source code is included within the archive file.

Daniel R. Haney

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